50 Ways You Can Start a Better Day from This Morning

By | 05.03.2016

Here are 50 tips to set you on your way to a better day. Do yourself a favor and don’t try more than a handful of these in a single day. Infact, put these ideas in a hat and pick one randomly the next time youget in a funk.

  • Think Positive Thoughts Before You Sleep 

The quality of sleep you get the night before can affect your mood thenext day. Thus, if you want to create a better day tomorrow, you have to make sure that you think only positive things before you go to bed atnight. Do not fret about your mortgage problems or dwell on the badthings that happened to you during the day. You need a good night’s rest in order to prepare your mind and body for the busy day ahead.

  • Tell yourself That Today is a Better Day

    The first thing that you should say to yourself the moment you wake upis that today will be great and marvelous. Know that you have control of what kind of day you will have. Telling yourself that today is going to be a great day will give you a positive attitude and a winner’soutlook. The power of the mind is strong so feed your mind with positive things.

  • Wake Up a Few Minutes Earlier

    If you want to get out of bed at 6AM, set the alarm for 5:45 and thenallow 15 minutes for your body and mind to adjust and wake up. At 6, hop out of bed! Waking up late and rushing through things will increaseyour heart rate and simply stress you out. On top of that, you’llinevitably forget to do something and then stress about that too!

  • Take It Easy

    Take things easy. Breathe deeply and slowly. If you are feeling rushed,take a deep breath and remind yourself that in the big scheme of life,being a minute late is pretty small.

  • Keep a Mental Note of the Things You Need to Do

    It is always a good thing to try to keep a list of the things that youought to do or accomplish for the day. If you are forgetful, you shouldwrite these things down. Aside from the things that you need to do atthe office, you also need to remember those that you need to do for your family or friends. Write them all down so that you can manage your time wisely throughout the day.

  • Get Some Inspiration

    50 Ways You Can Start a Better Day from This Morning

    Do not expect manna to come down from heaven. If you want to create abetter day, you have to make a conscious effort to achieve things. Giveyourself a boost with some inspiration. Be sure to read, listen or watch something that can perk your day up. Sometimes, just seeing your childlaugh is enough to make your heart smile.

  • Eat a Healthy Breakfast

    Your mood for the day can actually be affected by the things that you do and eat. In order to jump start your day and prepare your mind and body for the busy day ahead, you need to have a power breakfast. Make surethat you eat something healthy. Whole grains, protein, and fruits can surely give you the nutrientsthat you need to do the things that you need to accomplish for the day.

  • Some Stretching Will Do You Good

    Stretching and exercising your muscles will also help in jump-starting your system. If you wake up sluggish, you need some exercise and stretching to perk up your day.Besides, stretching and exercising can also prevent muscle cramps andother aches that can ruin your mood for the day.

  • Pay Attention to your Hygiene and Appearance

    One of the things that people are conscious about is their appearance.To ensure you won’t feel insecure, make sure to take a bath, wear cleanclothes and pay attention to your face and grooming. If you know thatyou look presentable, you will feel empowered and confident.

  • Compliment Yourself

    Say good things about yourself. Do not be afraid to compliment yourselfonce in a while. However, be careful not to be conceited because peoplehate narcissistic individuals.

  • Adopt a Positive Attitude

    Before you step out of the house, make it a conscious effort to bepositive in all things you do. Tell yourself that you will stay positive throughout the day.

  • Exert Some Effort to Smile

    Studies show that smiling, even if there is no reason to do it, can lift up your mood. Besides, a smile can make you look even more attractive.

  • Try Not To Be Reactive

    There is a tendency for men to react to everything negatively,especially on the road. Thus, you should try not to be reactive,especially when you are driving. If somebody cuts you on the road, justlet it pass and think that the other guy may be having a bad day. Orjust be please that you are not as rude as that individual.

  • Count to Ten to Keep You from Exploding

    If you think that you are going to get mad, count to ten to calm your nerves. This will let some steam out.

  • Think before You Act

    Many people end up feeling remorse after they have done nasty thingswithout thinking. To prevent feeling guilty and remorseful, think firstbefore you do something.

  • Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

    Not everything that you hear people say about you should be takenseriously. Some people just like being nasty so you should not getaffected with what they are saying.

  • Be More Attentive to People

    In order to minimize altercations or misunderstandings, it would reallybe a good thing to listen attentively to what others are saying. Beingattentive will also help you come across as being sincere, thus makingyou more likable. Of course, don’t do it for the sake of being likable.Be genuine in it.

  • Look at People and Situations in a Positive Light

    You really can’t prevent bad things from happening. Sometimes shit doeshappen. In order not to let these things ruin your day, try to look forthe silver lining in everything.

  • Give Compliments to Other People

    Make a conscious effort to compliment other people. This will help build better relationships. Just make sure that you are complimenting themgenuinely.

  • Manage Your Time Wisely

    A good day can turn bad if you feel stressed out. Thus, manage your time wisely to ensure that everything that you need to do can beaccomplished with time to spare.

  • Take a Break

    To prevent being burned out, you should take a break once in a while.Try walking around the office or doing some stretching while you are inyour desk every time you are feeling a bit drained.

  • Deal with Things the Mature Way

    Do not be petty and do not act like a child. You are an adult so try to do things maturely.

  • Laugh a Lot

    Laughter can pick up your mood. Just do not laugh at other people’s mistakes.

  • Consider Inputs from Other People

    Take time listening to the suggestions and inputs of other people. Evenif you are the manager or head of your department, you need otherpeople’s contributions too.

  • Grab Fruit Instead of a Bar of Chocolate

    Fruits can surely wake you up in the middle of the day, whereas a bar of chocolate will just give you energy spike for a few minutes. So, youwill end up feeling even more tired and sleepy.

  • Always Do Your Best

    You will not have regrets if you know that you have given your all in everything that you do.

  • Don’t Wallow in Sorrow and Defeat

    Nobody is perfect and sometimes you need to experience losses anddefeats to learn. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, use these negativethings to make you a better person.

  • Stay Away From Negative People

    Negative people can just pull you down so there is really no point inspending your time with them. Stay away from them whenever possible. Ifthey happen to be your mates, seek to inspire them. If that won’t do,perhaps it’s time to find yourself new mates.

  • Be Courteous and Kind

    Doing other people some good will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. And also make you more likable.

  • Build Bridges and Develop Friendships

    Having enemies can surely drain your energy, whereas building friendships can make your support team bigger and stronger.

  • Be Careful with What You Say

    It is often hard to take back the bad things that you say, so you need to be careful with your words.

  • Take Time to Stop and Smell the Flowers

    You can enhance your mood by counting your blessings and seeing the good in other people, things or situations.

  • Learn to Pace Your Energy

    You need to be careful with energy bursts and crashes. Try not toexhaust yourself in the morning because you will surely have a nasty and tiring afternoon if you do.

  • Incorporate Exercise Throughout the Day

    Exercise can give you a “high” because endorphin are released after a good workout.

  • Wear Comfortable Shoes

    It is very hard to stay positive if your feet are hurting. I’ve seen too many of my female friends wear heels that hurt their feet just becausethey look good.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

    Dehydration can cause lethargy. So avoid it at all costs.

  • Pay Attention to What You Eat

    Eating junk food can contribute to mood swings. So eat moderately.

  • Go Easy on the Coffee

    Too much coffee can make you nervous and fidgety.

  • Treat Yourself

    Be sure to give yourself small rewards every time you did well. We allneed to give ourselves a nice pat on the shoulders to give ourselves alittle encouragement.

  • Plan the Next Day before Going Home

    Before you head home, make a list of the things that you need to accomplish in the office the following day.

  • Spend Quality Time with the People You Love

    Don’t take anyone for granted. Sustain your relationships. Spendingquality time together is the best way to keep and improve relationships.

  • Keep in Touch With Friends and Family

    If you live alone, calling your loved ones or just dropping by to say ‘hi’ can lift your spirit as well as theirs.

  • Have a Hobby

    To keep your mind off your work, do something that you love outside your office work.

  • Have No Regrets

    You cannot go back in time so you cannot undo the things that you havedone. Instead, make a conscious effort to make things better in thefuture.

  • Keep a Journal

    Writing things and ideas down can help you to keep track of your goalsand remember things you’ve learned and observations you’ve made. And itcan also help you figure out new directions for your life and then guide you as you go.

  • Take a Relaxing Bath

    After a stressful day, a relaxing bath can help you go to sleep comfortably.

  • Prepare the Things You Need Before You Go to Sleep

    This will help make tomorrow less stressful because you won’t feel at alost of what to do. Being prepared always help you to stay focused andassured.

  • Get in the Mood to Sleep

    Do the things that can help you go to sleep early because a restfulsleep can help you improve your mood for the next day. Reading a bookbefore bed or listening to soft music helps me to sleep better.

  • Make Love

    Making love can also release endorphin and help you have a good night’s sleep. Plus, it helps to improve your relationship. Of course, I don’texpect you to do it every day.

  • Go to Bed Early

    Try to go to bed early and get enough sleep to prepare yourself for theday ahead tomorrow. You don’t want to wake up the next day feeling like a zombie.

Do you have a tip to help us create a better day? Please share with us in the comment section below.


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