40 Small Lessons You Need to Learn in Your 20’s

By | 16.03.2016
When you’re a 20 something, you know you need to be mature becauseyou’ve grown up. You’re seen as an adult, not a kid any more. It’sreality, and you really should face it. You’re invincible in your 20s. I know, but there are still some thingsyou should know that can dramatically improve the quality of your life. The faster you learn the mostdifficult life lessons, the sooner you can lead a great and successfullife. Here are most difficult things I wished I knew when I was 20:
  1. Love hurts, but not as much as not loving.
  2. There is no magic bullet to success, You have to work for it.
  3. If you’re bored, you’re doing it wrong.
  4. Relationships make you crazy! You fall in love. You break upwith someone. You think you’re in love and realize that other personisn’t. You think you know what’s important to you but then it changes.Your 20s are full of crazy relationships.
  5. Don’t let your memories be the only reason you’re keeping therelationship — be it familial, platonic, or romantic. Perhaps the person you’re hanging onto is no longer the person you once knew and loved.Cut your losses, remember the good times, and move on.
  6. Find the Right Life Partner, Don’t make wrong choice. 
  7. Take risk to make your own education/ experience to improve life. 
  8. The friendships you nurture will have a greater effect on your life than where you work or what you earn.
  9. Making friends used to be so simple to anyone as like you. But Good friends are hard to come by.
  10. Don’t ever stop asking questions, and don’t ever feel ashamed of askingquestions. Your quest for intelligence should be ongoing. You shouldnever be ashamed of your curiosity about the world and people. 
  11. You are not your job. You are not your bankroll. You are not the sum of your possessions.
  12. The company does not love you. It has no heart. You are replaceable. Keep your parachute handy.
  13. You can’t put a price on health, and you’ll learn that as your body changes in your late 20s. Take care of your health.
  14. If you went to college, you probably had a great time. Most of us havedegrees that either we will never use or we will realize we are nolonger interested in the field we chose.
  15. Life doesn’t get easier. While it may be exiting and new toventure out on your own, it doesn’t come without its challenges. Thetruth is most of life is a grind, and in your 20s you are figuring outthe best ways to get through it.
  16. Few decisions will ever shape your future life more than who you choose to marry. To marry well, you must choose well.
  17. Love is a commitment.
  18. Love Takes Your Work: All your relationships will take work. The longer and deeper yourrelationship, the more conflicts you will have. And dealing with thoseconflicts will help you learn how to compromise and curb your impulses.
  19. Believe it or not, passions grow out of your values. Make early, wise choicesto value what (and who) is good, trustworthy, and praiseworthy.
  20. Integrity preserved is honor won.
  21. Remember: Staying in school and learning as much as possible is a more common and sure path to achievement.
  22. Find a passion. Pick a hobby, own it: photography, juggling—whatever. Getyour 10K hours of perfect practice in early and change your life.
  23. Don’t bother comparing yourself to others—this only leads to heartbreak, anger, and disappointment.
  24. In our 20s we get caught up in making the “right decision.” We alreadyfeel like we’ve made enough mistakes and don’t want to disappoint anyone again. One bad decision won’t ruin your life, but really do try to make good choices.
  25. Comparing yourself to others is the most pointless thing ever.
  26. Don’t drive others to meet expectations they’ve committed to — lead, inspire, and help them do it.
  27. Don’t set expectations for others when they haven’t or cannot commit to them.
  28. Don’t complain. Either change your situation, learn to cope, or change your perspective.
  29. Don’t worry about making big bucks out of the gate, worry first about doing whatever you have to do excellently.
  30. Failure is an opportunity: no great man or woman ever achieved significance without great failures to learn from.
  31. Never withhold an apology when it’s merited. Deliver it quickly, sincerely, and personally—before resentment festers.
  32. You don’t need to nurture old guilt when you’re forgiven. But remembering the shame can help you avoid repeats.
  33. The main thing you need to do quickly is to stop doing things quickly. Trade hurry for calm, confidence, and precision.
  34. Get your work done first so you can play without guilt. Even better, make work play and the fun never ends!
  35. If you want to develop your passion and gift, stop worrying about the things you do poorly. Go with your strengths!
  36. Avoid fights. Seriously. Avoid them like a plague: nobody wins in a fight,even if you walk away unscathed. But when a fight picks you, leaveeverything on the mat and give it your all. Hold nothing back.
  37. The skills that will help your career most are the abilities to assimilate, communicate, and persuade. Keep learning.
  38. Nothing in this life—no pain, no agony, no failure—compares to the eternal joy of Heaven. Live in light of eternity.
  39. It truly matters what you think about. Think well by reading good books,building good, loving relationships, having good conversation, andimitating great people.
  40. Don’t waste your time and energy worrying about what other people think, because it’s going to make you a very unhappy person. You can’t please everyone

I’m still learning — in fact Ihaven’t fully appreciated most of the list I made, myself. And I’m still adding to it. But I’m getting better.

Do what you love to do

40 Small Lessons You Need to Learn

Follow your bliss and your ‘work’will feel timeless. Find work that inspires you. That will generate thevelocity to work insane hours, make the most in return, and love whatyou do all the while. Discover yourself by doing the things you love.

Your 20s is not the time for making your resume look awesome. “Building upyour resume is like saving up sex for old age.” – Warren Buffet

Do work you love right now. I understand you have obligations and you need to keep your “day” job, but you still have the weekends and M-F from5pm-10pm to make some amazing shit happen. If you don’t take thisseriously and take action now then it is very possible that you will beexactly where you are right now 6 months from now, 3 years from now oreven worse, 10 years from now.

“Don’t let your dreams be dreams.” – Jack Johnson

Your work is your contribution. Perform the best work you can that will give the most to society. Develop your skill set and get so good they can’t ignore you!

This is key to living a great life

Close your eyes. Think of a world without money. The way to getahead in this world is to contribute by doing what you love. What areyou doing in this scenario? Open your eyes. Now start doing that and nothing else!

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