4 Superhero Can Teach you Amazing Blogging: Avengers

The Action movie Avengers Can Teach Entrepreneurs Bloggers! I remember a few years back; in 2012  of the Avengers movie about a team of s...

The Action movie Avengers Can Teach Entrepreneurs Bloggers!

I remember a few years back; in 2012  of the Avengers movie about a team of superheroes set a record for opening weekend ticket sales. The movie’s blend of jaw-dropping action, iconic characters and clever dialogue obviously resonated with audiences all over the world. That being said, you might be surprised to learn that these characters can actually teach you something about blogging.

The Hulk

Finally, the Hulk is the ferocious, enraged alter ego of the mild-mannered Dr. Bruce Banner. Until Dr. Banner learned to control the wild, instinctive destruction of the Hulk, he was as much a danger to his teammates as to their enemies. Although you might not periodically turn into a giant green monster, you might occasionally be tempted to go off half-cocked when it comes to working on your blog. Before you make any changes to your blog, large or small, take the time to first think them through and to ensure that they are logically the best for your blog’s future.

In a world where real-world heroes seem so often flawed and prone to failure, sometimes patterning yourself after those found in comic books can be a good idea. Even in a seemingly unrelated field like blogging, the Avengers can set a good example.

Iron Man

Iron Man, or Tony Stark, is a playboy genius industrialist who created an extraordinarily advanced suit of armor that gave him a wide range of abilities. As a technological genius, Stark could create equipment that prepared him to handle almost any situation. In an iconic scene in the recent movie, however, he confronted the team’s greatest enemy without his armor or gadgets.

The lesson you can take from this is that, while technology can make your job as a blogger far easier, you should also be able to function when it fails you. If your laptop crashes, your smartphone falls into the sink or your internet service cuts out, do you have a backup plan that allows you to keep your blog functioning normally?

Captain America

Captain America, or Steve Rogers, is the super-soldier who serves as the leader and moral compass of the Avengers. Without his humility and self-sacrifice, his unswerving devotion to doing the right thing, the team of arrogant super-beings would never have learned to work together. His attitude is something that you would do well to remember as you create and promote your blog.

“Black hat” search engine optimization techniques of varying degrees of illegality or at least moral question-ability can be very tempting. However, focusing on creating a high-quality blog and promoting it legally will be far more beneficial in the long run — both to your conscience and to your site’s search engine page rank.


Thor is a demigod from an alternate plane of reality who can control lightning. His unbelievable power compared to most superheroes, let alone ordinary humans, gave Thor a healthy ego, to say the least — with an accompanying tendency to feel that he needed no one else’s help. Over time, however, he came to realize that even he occasionally needed help from a team.

If you have the initiative and motivation to start your own blog, you likely have a similar belief that you can make things happen on your own. This sense of determination and self-confidence is a good thing in many cases; without it, you will find successfully launching any venture difficult. However, you also need to recognize that there are some situations in which you need help.

Perhaps it is learning how to interview, how to set up a pay-per-click ad campaign or how to automatically back up your important resources. Trying to go it alone in these situations could reduce your chances of becoming successful; instead, rely when necessary on training, support, consultation and similar resources from experts in the field you are trying to learn.

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