100 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging Today

Whether your goal is professional or personal (though it's best applied to the former), blogging well builds credibility and creates ...

Whether your goal is professional or personal (though it's best applied to the former), blogging well builds credibility and creates a readership of devotees. While you may not have "fans" like a rock star, you'll certainly find people from diverse geographic and professional backgrounds that enjoy your writing and have a positive association with you. Outside of blogging, there's very few channels that offer this reward.

100 Reasons Why YOU Should Be Blogging

  1. You will meet some really interesting people.
  2. You will make some good friends.
  3. You will discover who really isn’t your friend.
  4. You can save someone’s life.
  5. You can save your own life.
  6. You can make people laugh
  7. You can move people to tears
  8. You can make extra side income
  9. You can make a full time income
  10. You might find a new career you love
  11. Your grandchildren will know more about you
  12. Get free products from companies that want you to promote them
  13. You can find fame and fortune
  14. You can find a new job
  15. You can get things off your chest
  16. You can learn something as you research stuff and share it
  17. You can make more money than you ever have before
  18. You will become a better writer
  19. Your mom will be proud
  20. You will get more traffic to your website
  21. More people will follow you on social media
  22. You will get established as an Authority in your field
  23. Blog posts can pull in new website visitors for years
  24. You can learn new skills
  25. You can improve your website SEO
  26. You can meet your heroes
  27. You can reinvent yourself
  28. Provides a low cost way to promote your business
  29. Saves you time. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he can communicate more effectively in less time by using a blog instead of traditional media.
  30. You can get your message out without a reporter editing what you said.
  31. You can build a community.
  32. You get to work in your pajamas (if you want to do that.)
  33. You get to work from home.
  34. You can work from anywhere – coffee shop. The park. The Beach. Poolside. In a ski lodge. In the car. On a plane.
  35. Your kids will tell their friends how dad has a cool job working on a computer at home.
  36. Your confidence will rise.
  37. Your mind will expand.
  38. Your life will have more purpose.
  39. You will gain more self discipline.
  40. You will discover some amazing quotes.
  41. New clients will call you.
  42. You can inspire others.
  43. You’ll write enough blog posts (eventually) to create a book.
  44. You can reach people on the other side of the globe.
  45. You can stay connected with family and friends.
  46. You can be creative.
  47. Blogging is cheaper than therapy.
  48. You may find your soul mate.
  49. You’ll develop a thicker skin
  50. You can use a cool pen name (pseudonym).
  51. You’ll get a lot more mail.
  52. You can sell your product without having to suck up to any retail stores.
  53. You’ll start liking yourself more. Over time, you will discover just how much you have to offer the world. And total strangers will vouch for that in their emails and blog comments.
  54. You will learn how to take better photos.
  55. You will keep your house cleaner. Shooting more photos around your home will automatically motivate you to keep things tidy, right? Okay, maybe not. At least,  eventually you’ll be able to afford a housekeeper.
  56. You’ll get good at writing headlines.
  57. You will develop more courage to ask people to do things (CTA – Calls to Action).
  58. You will enjoy the looks on people’s faces when you tell them you’re a “blogger.”
  59. You will learn hashtag ninja skills.
  60. You will start getting recognized at airports.
  61. People will start sending you nice messages.
  62. You can show more people adorable photos of your kids.
  63. You can learn more about yourself.
  64. You can increase your video view count on YouTube
  65. You will learn what makes a website great and not so great.
  66. Develop your entrepreneurial skills
  67. You get to be your own boss.
  68. You can form your own team.
  69. You can get out of debt.
  70. You can help someone else get out of debt.
  71. You learn to take risks and not always play it safe.
  72. No rush hour traffic.
  73. Foster better customer relations.
  74. You’re awesome and you know it. Here’s your chance to show it.
  75. You’re insecure and need some validation. You’ll be surprised how much positive feedback you’ll get.
  76. You’ll get to see details on who is reading you thanks to tracking analytics.
  77. Doors will open for you to reach new audiences through guest posting.
  78. You can showcase your personal or business accomplishments.
  79. You have great connections to bounce ideas off them.
  80. Your blog will gather valuable testimonies for whatever you are promoting.
  81. A blog is a low cost marketing tool.
  82. You can practice “relational marketing” with people all around the globe.
  83. You can set your own hours.
  84. Your cat will be happy watching you type.
  85. You can motivate yourself by posting your goals and letting your audience hold you accountable.
  86. You can create social change.
  87. You can finally start building that “emergency fund”.
  88. You can meet likeminded people.
  89. Your new international friends will be your tour guide when you visit their country
  90. You can become a better [fill in the blank]
  91. You can share your hobby and meet people who are also passionate about your hobby.
  92. You can make people think.
  93. Introverts can be more outgoing. Extroverts can learn how to be more introspective.
  94. You can write about your favorite sport and team.
  95. You can turn a tragedy into a triumph.
  96. You can encourage other moms and dads.
  97. You can form a mastermind group.
  98. You can discuss your religion or share your faith.
  99. You can make money while you travel.
  100. You can promote your music and reach fans without needing corporate distribution.

Blogging has brought an incredible amount of business inquiries over the last 3 years, and the rate of emails asking us for assistance accelerates every week. Blogs build familiarity and positive branding and if I remember my business school training, the cardinal rule was  - people do business with you because they know you, like you and they trust you - blogging accomplishes all three (and they show off your expertise in a subject). 

Surely, there are dozens of other reasons to blog, so please do share.

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