100 Blog Post Ideas That Will Make Your Blog "HOT"

If you are not a blogger then start a blog so we can have this conversation. It's a great start to your blog . Below is my 100 blogging...

If you are not a blogger then start a blog so we can have this conversation. It's a great start to your blog. Below is my 100 blogging idea/topic list.

The first 20 are for helping you differentiate and build business

  1. How What I Do Helps You Grow Your Business
  2. Get More From Your (Whatever Product/Service You Offer)
  3. How We Start an Engagement With You (onramping process)
  4. Build Your Own (Business or Project) With Our Help
  5. Meet Our Customer of the Week(Month)
  6. Learn How to ____ With ___ (customer you love)
  7. Stretch Your Budget By (something to do with your product)
  8. Industry Insights That Could Impact Your Business
  9. Need to Reach Us? Here are Many Great Ways to Connect
  10. Set Aside 20 Minutes Each Day to Do This
  11. What We Do Instead of Advertising
  12. How Can We Help You Do More Business
  13. Why We Don’t Worry About Competitors
  14. Others Compete on Price. We Compete on Value
  15. The People Who Work Here
  16. We Asked Everyone in the Office for Their Philosophy on Success
  17. Another Perspective on Your Current Situation
  18. Comparison Shopping is Difficult. Let Us Help
  19. Why You Won’t Find ____ At (Our Business)
  20. Does ____ Matter to You?

    I call this next set the “you probably won’t dare to use these at your company” set.

  21. When It All Goes Wrong
  22. Confessions From Past Mistakes
  23. How We Deal With Trouble Reports
  24. We Can Handle Criticism, Especially If You Help Us Grow
  25. Where Do You See Us Falling Short?
  26. We Asked Everyone in the Office for One Personal Failing of Theirs
  27. Here’s What Would Make Us Fire You as a Customer
  28. We’re Sorry And Here’s How We’ll Make It Up To You
  29. Forgetting Something? We Sure Did
  30. Listening Better And How It Will Strengthen Our Relationship

Here are some fun ones!

  1. What We Do When We’re Not Hard at Work
  2. Stop and Smell the Guns N Roses – Our Playlists
  3. Collaborate With Us on a Selfie Project!
  4. And You Thought You Knew Everything About Us
  5. Listen to our (CEO, whoever) Belting Out (some popular song, poorly).
  6. Easter Eggs We’ve Hidden in Our Website SO FAR
  7. This Has Nothing To Do With Our Business, But It’s Cool (do this sparingly, though)
  8. Is There More Going on Here Than Immediately Obvious?
  9. Sparta! Our Favorite Movies and How They Relate to (Our Business)
  10. I See What You Did There

    It’s always someone’s first time on your site

  11. Start Here
  12. The Big Picture About (company/site/project)
  13. Whatever You Do, Be Sure to Do This FIRST
  14. The Essential 101 Guide to ____ (whatever you do)
  15. Making Your (something about your business) Into a Habit
  16. When Should You Revisit Your (strategy/purchase/something to explain timing)
  17. Get the Most Out of Your (product/service/experience)
  18. Have You Visited Our Other Properties? (Facebook, YouTube, etc)
  19. Meet the Founders
  20. If Only I Knew This When I Started

    Some Thought Pieces

  21. How Mobile Technology Impacts (your business or product or their space)
  22. When Budget Limitations Strike, Do This to Improve Your Chances of Success
  23. If We Started This Business Ten Years Earlier (or 10 years later)
  24. The Global Opportunity for (whatever you do)
  25. A Completely Different Take on (whatever you do) Using Low Tech Methods (tools, etc)
  26. What (your business) Would Look Like in the Real World (or online, if you’re in the real world)
  27. The One Big Guiding Principle That Explains Our Path of Action
  28. Are You Ready For (some impending technology shift)
  29. Does Anyone Really Use a Laptop Anymore? (or any tech you want to poke at)
  30. How Will the Population Growth of Baby Boomers Affect (your business)?

    Getting personal can have a big impact

  31. What You Don’t Know About Me – Yet
  32. Where I’m From: An Interview With Our Staff About Their Origins
  33. What Your Kids Can Teach You About (your business)
  34. Our Favorite Foods and What It Tells You About (your business)
  35. A Brand Is What They Say About You – Here’s How That Applies to Us
  36. If (your business) Were a High School Yearbook
  37. Client/Customer Stories That Make Us Love Our Job
  38. If I Didn’t Work Here/ Didn’t Do What I Was Doing
  39. The Biggest Challenge I’ve Yet to Accomplish
  40. What the Benefit of OUR Hindsight Can Teach You

    Participatory posts can be pure gold

  41. Ask Us Anything
  42. Caught in the Wild – Show Us Your Office Environment
  43. We Asked Our Customers to Draw Us a Picture And Here’s What We Got
  44. Ten Of Our Customers’ Logos Redesigned by Our Kids
  45. If You Ran (our business), What Would You Do Differently?
  46. Come Work Here for a Week and Change Our Business From Within
  47. Twenty Photos We Liked from Your Instagram Streams
  48. Shared Wisdom from Our Weekly Tweet Chat
  49. We Pretended We Were 7 Other Blogs. What Happened Next Will Change You.
  50. Your Best Questions Answered Loudly

    Give people recipes and they’ll see how to use your services

  51. How to Start a (business you could start with your product/service)
  52. If You Run a (business like you serve), Here’s How We Fit In
  53. Six Ways You Can Use Your (product/service) to Make Money (save time, etc)
  54. Use This (other company’s thing) To Really Up Your Game
  55. Bring a Friend to (your site) and Here’s How You BOTH Benefit
  56. Do This Before The Next Conference You Attend
  57. Want to Turn Other People’s Business Cards Into Actual Business?
  58. You Know What You Want and We Know How to Help You Get It
  59. A (some customer segment)’s Guide to (Using Your Product/service)
  60. Beyond Day One – Get The Most From Your (thing you sell)

    And a little potpourri for you

  61. Sure We’ve Said This Before. Repeats are Good for You
  62. A New Look At Our First Offering (to refresh your products)
  63. Our Take on Big Data (or some other random concept)
  64. What a (something odd) Can Teach You About (the field you work in)
  65. You’re Doing It Wrong
  66. (X) Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started
  67. Are You Doomed to Fail Just Like (insert dead company)
  68. The Biggest Mistake (people like them) Make
  69. How to Recover From a (whatever goes wrong in your field)
  70. Finish Strong – What We Know About Helping You Close Sales

Blogging’s Great, But It’s Part of a Larger Digital Business Platform

I want you to peek at Digital Business Mastery and see if you think this might help you get even further along in your business goals online.

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