Women in Bikinis Seen Washing Cars in Freezing Weather

How a Hottest Wom an Making $860 a month by Washing Cars? Women in Bikinis working in rainy cold weather. sounds sexy huh? yah its a true...

How a Hottest Woman Making $860 a month by Washing Cars?

Women in Bikinis working in rainy cold weather. sounds sexy huh? yah its a true news.. you should know this lady. Women are lining up to get a job at a bikini car wash, while men are lining up to get their cars washed just to see the women in action. This lady is success in her life, she proved that every work has its own value. You can not neglect it. So start today anything, you will be succeed too.

women in bikinis
Race car driver Fang Zhao-ze from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, opened a car wash where girls wash cars in bikinis, even when it is cold outside.  Zhao-ze said that he gets about 20 applicants a day for the job.  He chooses the women by their breast size and looks. 

 Hottest Women in Bikinis Washing Cars and Getting Wet

The women who work for him, must be at least 5 feet 4 inches tall, and their bra cup size must be at least size D.  The women work for 6 hours a day, six days a week.  Zhao-ze pays his employees more than other car wash shops do.  He pays the women $1,988 per month, while other car wash shops pay $860 a month.  Even though the pay is good, many women still say they would not stand in the cold for hours in a bikini for a few extra dollars.  Read more: Women in bikinis seen washing cars in freezing weather.
Be inspired from this gentle lady! 

Girls in bikinis brave Really

I wonder how women in bikinis can work so easily in such cold weather? I'm pretty sure
“Everyone was enjoying it (the Women at top of this post, photos and the story), all shapes and sizes, all waving and shouting. And the sun coming out just made it - I was a bit shivery to start with but we didn’t feel the cold.

Do you dream to hair some girls in bikinis like this bikini girl? If you really wisely damn sure your dreams will come true and you will squeeze some girls in bikinis by the rain or snowfall.

No Daydream about Women in bikinis

Having a dream and being a dreamer are two different mindsets. Dreamers are drifters just floating through life with no real plans. One who has a dream, is a doer on the path towards achieving their goal.
Go get the girl, fill-up your dreams.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” -Arthur Ashe
It is the most unattractive thing to hear someone constantly wine and complain about their life. Especially when they blame the world for their problems. The whole universe is probably against you, does not care about you, and will deceive you. This does not make any actions, or lack there of, on your behalf their fault. Say this statement out loud, “I am in control of my behavior and choose how to react to circumstances.” Say it everyday. Nothing is more true than that statement.

You can, and need, to start actively controlling your thoughts and emotions. Learn to control your rage when you are angry. When a negative thought slips in, push it right back out. This takes practice because we have been programmed by our environment to behave and think in certain ways. Fight to change your negativity, or you will remain a bitter and miserable person. Use your aggression in a positive way by working out, or put it into your work.

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