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H ere at OnlineLivingBlog, we know how hard you bloggers work. Many of you hold down jobs as well as dedicate a whole heap of your spare...

Here at OnlineLivingBlog, we know how hard you bloggers work. Many of you hold down jobs as well as dedicate a whole heap of your spare time to sharing your fabulousness with the rest of the world. And for this, we salute you.

Which Networks does your Blog Really Need

Running a fashion blog consisted of just that, writing a kick-ass blog. But now that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are on the scene, hours and hours of your precious blogging time can be eaten up by social media updates and interactions.

Now don’t get us wrong, social networking in this day and age is essential for your blog’s promotion. There are so many opportunities and inspiring people out there, we would hate for any of you to miss out on anything. But do you really need to be active on all of them to build influence with your target audience?

This post will help you consider whether the various social networks are really worth your extra time and effort. And we’ll provide you with some handy tips for maintaining profiles that are really working for you.

Check your Stats 

Developing a great social media strategy begins with crunching the numbers, so make sure that your website has Google Analytics installed (if you’re not already using this, keep an eye out for our helpful bloggers’ guide to analytics series, coming soon!).

Check your analytics for engagement levels across each of the social networks. Here you will get a clear indication of which ones are bringing in the most referral traffic to your blog.
For instance, your blog might be getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest, with pinners pinning your great outfits and DIY’s on their profiles.

From this information, you can then infer which types of content your readers love (in this case it’ll be high quality, Pinterest optimised photos) and from here you can start giving your readers more of the stuff they want.

Facebook: Still the number one social networking site

As the number one social network in the world, regularly updating your blog’s Facebook page will help get you seen by your fans (despite the fact that Facebook have changed their algorithms, limiting pages’ readerships to 1-3% of their full audience fan base).

People still love to scroll through Facebook in their spare moments, so make sure that you are presenting varied content.

Check your page’s ‘impressions’ on the ‘insights’ tabs regularly (say, once a week), this will help you see how many people your posts have reached and you can make adjustments to your updates or even blog content from there.

Pinterest: Great for DIY posts and photos

Pinterest is a relatively new social network, but the reason why it appears second in this list is because this year, Pinterest was named ‘The Reigning Queen of Social Referrals’ by Shareholic. In 2014, Pinterest’s share of traffic grew by 48% and claimed a 7.10% share of overall social traffic- which is a huge number of pins!
For fashion, craft and food bloggers especially, Pinterest is a fantastic place to share high-quality visual content, so make sure that all of your photos and posts are optimised for the platform, as you could potentially see them pinned hundreds upon hundreds of times.

Twitter: Best for keeping up with the latest news

Twitter is a powerful tool for bloggers to engage with, as it allows you to easily keep track of industry-related news, brands, current affairs and updates from your blogging communities.

An active twitter profile will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse and stay relevant. For all bloggers, the microblogging platform offers you the chance to road-test posts before you write them and check that the subject you’re investigating will be of interest to your readers.

Instagram: Best for candid photos

Instagram is a great way to show the more candid side of blogging. Users here like to see a bit of personality, so make sure that you are giving the readers what they want, selfies included  (but don’t go overboard, you’re not Kim Kardashian). If you’re shooting for your fashion blog for example, post a picture of yourself doing your hair with a preview-style caption and of course don’t forget to put in hashtags.

LinkedIn: Best for careers

LinkedIn is of course one of the more professionally-centred networks, but if you have some killer careers advice, or industry insights you want to share, then spend a little time creating some posts. Brands are represented on here as well as people; people who may be interested in collaborating with you, so promote your blog through your profile. You never know, your dream freelance job may just spring into your inbox.

So there you have the low-down on a selection social networks that are worth your fashion blogging time and energy. If you have any advice for readers on keeping your social media game savvy, please share your tips in comments below.

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