What Is Commentluv? How It Works?

By | 24.02.2016
CommentLuv is a popular WordPress plugin which is invented by Andy Bailey. The main idea behind CommentLuv is to reward your blog commentators and readers by linking to their blog post. Actually there are two versions of CommentLuv i.e. Free Version and Premium Version.
What is Commentluv? How it works?

Let me explain a bit about the commentluv and its features that make the blogs with this plugin so attractive. The main feature of this plugin, as the name implies, is to show some love to the commenters on your blog. In other words, byhaving the plugin on your blog you are able to reward the commenters for stopping by, reading your posts and leaving a comment.

How Commentluv Enabled Blogs Reward Commenters

  • Allow their comment links to bedofollow (on WordPress by default, all comment links are nofoloow). Youcan set some parameters that will decide when the links become dofollow. For example, the links can become dofollow when a commenters leaves atleast 3 comments. Or you can choose to allow the links to becomedofollow when the commenters also gives you a LIKE or tweets the postsand so on.
  • Allow keywords in the name field. Again you can use different parameters for allowing keywords.
  • Publish a link to one of the the last 10 posts of the commenters. This feature can also be controlled by you.
  • As well, with on commentluv enabledblog you’ll get two backlinks, one with your name and/or keywords andanother to your post specifically.

Commentluv Enabled Blog – Sample Comment

There is another reason why I like commentluv enabled blogs. To me they represent a shortcut to finding recent niche related posts. After commenting, I’ll check out the links in othercomments. If I’ll find something of interest I will visit the post thecomment is linked to. (Actually, some of the post links may not berelated to my niche but I will visit the posts if the title in the linkpiques my interest). This saves me valuable time searching for currentniche related blogs.
In addition to the benefits of having a commentluv enabled blogmentioned above, the commentluv plugin offers other functionalities aswell.

  • It includes the advanced version of the popular anti spam plugin, G.A.S.P. (Grow map Anti Spam bot Plugin). This functionality protects your blog from spam comments from bots.
  • It helps to increase your Twitterfollowers and help your readers to increase theirs by displaying theirtwitter name in their comments
  • It sends an email to users when theyget a direct reply to their comment. Guest authors are automaticallysent an email when someone makes a comment on one of their posts

How To Find Blogs With Commentluv Plugin

To find blogs that are commentluv enabled is pretty simple andfinding them should give  you a good start. You can use several versions of input into the search box of your favorite search engine:

  • site:.com inurl:blog “WordPress” “commentluv” “your keywords”
  • your keywords “This blog uses premium commentluv”
  • your keywords “This blog uses commentluv”
  • your keywords “This site uses keywordluv” (this is now a function of commentluv+)

Just replace “your keywords” with your own keywords or keyword phrases such as “make money online”, “weight loss”, etc.Commentluv plugin helps your posts go viral, get more traffic and reward your readers and unlock advanced backlink features on every CommentLuv blog. I seecommenting on these blogs as one of very powerful free trafficgenerating techniques.

Advantages of CommentLuv

  • Link to latest post under comment.
  • Encourages site owners to leave comments.

Disadvantages of CommentLuv

  • Only really beneficial to other site owners.
  • Attracts spam comments.

For anybody that doesn’t know what CommentLuv is, it is a comment plugin that enables people to leave a link to their latest post underneath their comment.  If you are an avid commenter, I’m sure that you will have seen this on many sites. Many of the large sites realize that they are after genuine commentsfrom people, rather than simply encouraging people to leave a comment in exchange for a link.

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