10 Ways To Increase Alexa Ranking Of Your Blog

Alexa rank works for your SERP. A Good Alexa ranking will give you top ranking in SERP. So Boost your alexa rank from now, and be the to...


Alexa rank works for your SERP. A Good Alexa ranking will give you top ranking in SERP. So Boost your alexa rank from now, and be the top in SEO world. If you have "How can I improve my Alexa Rank?" this question in mind, then don't be worried. In the next five minute I'm going to show you how to increase alexa rank quickly.

With the improvement in technology day by day businesses have taken up online marketing. People now prefer to advertise through fastest growing technology internet. One of the best method of online marketing is creating a website and publish your content on it. Now there are different ways of attracting traffic like link building; you will need to link your website with high quality post and many more ways. Then the question arises in mind that how I will come to know about how much traffic I am getting ? Is it increasing or not? the answer to all these questions is Alexa. 
Alexa.com defines themself as a “web information company“.They rank every website and blog  based on their traffic and some other factors. This Alexa Rank gets updated daily. Lesser the number better. - See more at: http://www.alltechbuzz.net/increase-boost-alexa-rank/#sthash.ZJlTX7G7.dpuf

What Is Alexa.com?

Alexa.com defines them-self as a “web information company“. They rank every website and blog  based on their traffic and some other factors. This Alexa Rank gets updated daily. Lesser the number better.

What Is Alexa Ranking And How it Works?

This is a ranking system set by alexa.com (An Amazon's Product) that basically audits and makes public the frequency of visits on various websites. The process through which Alexa traffic rank is calculated, is simple. it is based on the amount of traffic recorded by the users who have installed Alexa toolbar over a period of three months. In simple terms, Alexa traffic rank is a rough measure of a website's popularity, compared with all the other available on the internet.

Is Alexa Ranking Worth Anything?

After Google's PageRank, Alexa can be a competitive tool to measure a site's popularity. If your Alexa rank is increasing , then you are getting traffic from bloggers which will help you a lot in boosting  your earnings. As you now know your rank will increase with this factor; how many users have installed Alexa toolbar and have visited your blog/website. But not everybody has the installed Alexa toolbar so there might be chance that your site may not be ranked higher. 

Hot Tips: Get more related sites to link to your website. Otherwise known as inbound links, this tactic helps search engines clearly define your niche and also increases the trust and quality of your site. It will help you to Increase Alexa Ranking.

How To Increase Alexa Ranking? 

If you want to increase your Alexa ranking then just have to follow these simple tips listed here:

Tips to increase Alexa Rank Fast:

Write Daily to Boost Alexa Rank: 

Everyone knows that the more you write, the more traffic you will get. So, if you update your blog frequently then chances of getting high volume traffic would be lot better. And hopefully, some of the traffic has Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers, so it will also decrease your Alexa rank from millions to thousands.

Write about Alexa to Increase the Rank: 

If you write about Alexa rank, then you will get targeted traffic which has Alexa toolbar already installed. Write about Alexa reviews, Alexa tips, Alexa tricks so that you will get the targeted audience. 

Promoting Alexa Toolbar is A Good Idea to Increase Alexa Rank: 

No matter how many page views you are getting daily, Your Alexa rank will not increase until and unless visitors have Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. So one common strategy to improve Alexa ranking is to promote Alexa toolbar on your blog, so the returning visitors may install the toolbar on their browser and next time whenever they will visit your blog, will help you to increase your Alexa rank.  here is 50 Ways to boost Your Blog Traffic To Increase Alexa Ranking effectively.

Use Alexa Widget to Increase Fast: 

As we have already discussed, the main thing which determines Alexa rank of a blog is the traffic that is recognizable by Alexa system. One more thing that we can do to make all the traffic recognizable to Alexa system is adding an Alexa widget on our blog. The two main things that this widget do is, first it displays the current Alexa rank and the second, it transfers the blog traffic information to Alexa system.

Most of us are using Alexa widget already, but if you are not using then you can create one by going through this link. Just enter your blog address there and click on build widget and add the widget code to your sidebar or footer section, so it will deliver the real-time traffic estimations to Alexa system.

Write about blogging and SEO: 

if you notice one thing closely then you will find that most of the blogging and SEO related blogs have good Alexa rank. It doesn't mean that blogging and SEO related blogs get good traffic, but they get targeted traffic. Most of the Bloggers and SEO experts already know about the importance of Alexa so they use Alexa toolbar on their browser. So if you write about SEO and Blogging Chances to increase Alexa ranking will be improved.

Install Alexa Toolbar on your Browser: 

You are the one who visits your blog more frequently than anyone else. So installing Alexa toolbar on your browser to deliver your traffic information to Alexa system is not a bad move. If you are not using an Alexa toolbar yet, then you can download one from here.

Write Quality Post to Boost Alexa Ranking :

Useful and high quality post will help you a lot to increase your Alexa ranking. Write only those posts which have high search volume and also content should be unique. Don't ever try to think about copying any content from somewhere. This is not going to help you in any way because Google will not index it or by chance if it will be indexed then your post will never rank higher in search engine.  

Link Building is Important for Alexa Ranking :

Comment on other blogs which are under the niche Blogging and Technology with good traffic and link back to your blog. In this way build more links from blogs with good traffic because backlinks are crucial as you might have noticed that alexa even calculates the number of backlinks you have.

Use Social Network :

To Increase Alexa Ranking, Try to get your post on social networking websites like Twitter.com, Facebook.com, digg.com, stumbleupon.com, Google Plus.

Use Alexa Redirect :

This means placing http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect? in front of your Web site's URL. Thus, Alexa will even take into consideration clicks on redirected links even if the visitor does not have the Alexa toolbar.
Write some post about webmaster related and share it on webmaster forums and social networking websites to get a decent amount of traffic.
Do you have any other Alexa tips in mind to improve Alexa rankings, Feel free to drop them in comment box below.

Why is Alexa ranking important?

Here’s a couple reasons why you should pay attention to your Alexa rankings:
  1. Increases social proof for your website. 
  2. Attracts advertisers and encourages them to spend more money buying ad slots on your website 
  3. Lists you higher up in directories and lists that rate websites based on Alexa rank 
  4. Increases your backlinks because lots of bloggers create top 100 lists based on Alexa ranking
  5. Helps you notice traffic spikes when your content goes viral
how to increase your alexa ranking
How to increase your Alexa ranking?

So you must have to practice well to increase alexa ranking, you must know "What does it mean for a website to have a high Alexa ranking?" So you would be able to maintain a good alexa rank for your blog.

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