Top 4 Blogging Mistake You Should Avoid from Today

Blogging is considered a potent tool of dissemination content. Online content writers have blogs of their own. Most brands have a designat...

Blogging is considered a potent tool of dissemination content. Online content writers have blogs of their own. Most brands have a designated blog that they use to update news and other content material. Blogging is very effective, only if you do it the right away. And because it is such a popular medium online, the sheer number of people blogging all over the world has brought in some misconceptions and wrong ideas. In this post we look at the top 4 blogging mistakes that you do, without really putting much thought into it.

Blogging Mistake 1

Write many posts. Most bloggers and online marketers still follow the traditional method of using more content to generate greater interest about the brand’s products and services. That scenario has thankfully changed! When you are writing more posts, it does not necessarily turn into greater influx of online visitors. Every blog has its own optimum number of blog posts-to-visitors ratio. If you are dealing in a field that requires real time updates, your frequency of blog posts should be high. In other cases, you need not update your blog every hour, or every day!

Blogging Mistake 2

Write original posts. We have dealt with this topic in our last couple of posts. It is not necessary anymore that you always write 100% original posts in your blog. You can borrow ideas, templates and formats from your own successful blog posts and replicate the success story in other blog posts that you publish. In using material sourced from other websites, give due credit and web links. Having such a transparent approach will earn you brownie points and you will not regret using content gleaned from other sources.

Blogging Mistake 3

Write your own posts. This is a typical wish fulfillment that most online brands have. They feel that they are best suited to write about their products and services. So, they find it better suited to write the blog posts by themselves. This kind of operation works only if the person drafting these posts is a good, competent writer. Otherwise, this will not work for your brand. An online reader is not interested in badly-written post, even if you are the CEO of the company! Instead of getting overwhelmed, hire a professional ghost writer. That will get you quality content without compromising on your idea that customers want to hear you and only you!

Blogging Mistake 4 – no Relation with other Bloggers

In order to become famous, you need to maintain a health relation with other bloggers. Yes , networking is very important.
Never be greedy!
Networking with other bloggers will help you a lot. You can always for reviews, any help with your blog, you can do guest blogging, etc.
In order to survive on the blogsphere, networking is vital.
You can connect with other active bloggers and get a mutual benefits and become famous.

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