How to Get More comments on Blogspot Blogs

C omment on your blog posts plays a major role, as it helps in adding more value to your article, helps in evaluating the popularity of y...

Comment on your blog posts plays a major role, as it helps in adding more value to your article, helps in evaluating the popularity of your blog and more important it shows the quality of your readers. More over for me, comments on a blog post works as a big motivation. If you are someone who is struggling with zero or very few comments on your blog, this post is for you. This post is specific for BlogSpot blog, as BlogSpot commenting form is different than standard comment form offered by WordPress.
I’m a firm believer of commenting is one free and effective marketing technique for a blogger, and that’s why I comment on daily basis. Though, when ever I land on a BlogSpot blog, I find it hard to comment due to many issues like sometime I need to login, sometime captcha is a big turn-off. Today, I will take some of the important tips which you can follow on your BlogSpot blog to improve the number of comments.

How to Get quality comments on your BlogSpot blog?

Quality of the article:

There are times when we are bound to comment because the content of the post is thought-provoking. Your content is the biggest trick to get meaningful comments and you can further improve it by asking a question at the end. This could be as simple as “How did you feel about this post” or asking more to the point question. For example, here in this post I ended up by asking “Share more tips which worked for you to get more comments on your BlogSpot blog”?

One thing which I hate about blogspot blog comment box is it’s not as friendly as wordpress comment form, where we can simply fill the form, comment and hit submit. Probably that’s why I could not reciprocate comment on blogspot blog.

Here are few things which you can do to increase your blogspot comments number and this will be more like boosting your blog authority.

Disqus is my first choice and first thing I will say that you should implement in your blogspot blog, since it’s easy to comment on Disqus powered comment form. It’s social media integration will prompt users to add more comments and you will see more comments in your blogspot blog posts.

Discus integration is easy and you can get all the support from Disqus team to integrate it into your blog.

Intense debate
Intense debate is my second choice after Disqus, it also makes the commenting very easy and more over Easy comment addon, support it, so people using this add-on, will find it very easy to comment. See my previous post on Intense debate : WordPress style comment for blogspot blo

I’m not saying to implement all of them above, but if you really want to see 2X more comment (Ignoring 0 ) , you should at least a commenting form like DISQUS which makes commenting easier for your readers.

I’m sure those who have read and know about why commenting is important for your blog, will love to comment on your blog after this.

Do let us know after making changes in your blogspot blog, and of course your experience , if this simple changes made your blog more comment friendly or not?

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