How to Create backlinks from Google

By | 02.02.2016

Every blogger wants their website performs well and acquire high rank in search engine. Most blogger knows building backlinks and at the same time improving Density Authority (read more about DA:   What is Density Authority), can helps in improving site rank.

How to Create backlinks from Google

but question arise: is every backlink (  from a trusted website or alow quality content site) helps you to improve your site google rank??then, the answer is No! because if you get links from low quality sitesto your website, can decrease your DA rating and this will effect yourrank.So always get backlinks from a trusted sites. Website which contain .gov or .edu (i.e.- website related to government or education ) can be considered as trusted website.

Now, the question arises: How to get backlinks or how to get backlink from google?? 

Then, You can backlinks by commenting in differenttrusted site with your website detail , or you can post guest post intrusted site. Today, i will tell how to get backlink from Google. Youknow that Google uses the Google Plus Feed to find fresh content for its search engine.So, if you get backlink from google then search rank ofyour website must be increase. Creating a Google Plus profile is not the only thing you need to rank a keyword. You should have good authorityto your Google Plus profile, so that you can send quality backlinkswhenever needed. Following are the ways you can improve your authorityof your Google Plus page.

1. Guest Post:

Make habit of writing guest post on trusted website and link pointing to your google plus page because many website do not allow to add dofollow link to your website, so pointing it to your google plus profiledoes not effect that website term and condition.

2. Do-follow:

Whenever you write about yourself in author section, Add a rel=author tag to your WordPress Author Bio, linking to your Google Plus profile.This is easiest way to build authority to your Google Plus profile bysending dofollow links. Checkout the below screenshot.

3. Comment:

I already mention above how important is to commenting on trustedsites.You can also improve your authority of google page, just leavegood comments on other blogs with links pointing to your Google plusprofile

4. Go Social:

Social media plays important role in field of increase websitepopularity. Social media is also a way to get backlinks to your GooglePlus profile is by promoting the page on other social media accounts.This method can improve your overall Authority of your google page.Social media can not ignored because it helps in spreading yourknowledge or post or page, so you always give priority to it.

Link Keyword:

You can also links your keyword with your google page. Just go to Google Plus account » click on Profile » About » click on Edit. I recommend to add only 3 to 4 profiteable keywords in every 100 words of content. See the below screenshot:

I guess, now you comes to know how important is building high quality backlinks and it becomes more important if the you getting backlinkfrom google plus. If this article helps you , then comment below, I’mwaiting for your comment. Also share it because Sharing is caring for others.

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