How to Create and Setup a Google+ Page for Your Blog

By | 07.02.2016
How to Create and Setup a Google+ Page for Your Blog

To promote your blog on Google+, you must create a Google+ page for your blog/brand. Don’t use your profile page to promote your blog. If youhave more websites/blogs, then create different page for each blog. Youcan share your blog post and anything including images or videos. Inthis post I would like to show you how to create a Google+ page on yourGoogle+ account.

Using your Google+ page, you can share blog content with theparticular circle in your Google+. So create a circle for your page andadd share content with them.

How to create a Google+ page :

If you don’t have a Google+ account, then first create Google+account. After creating Google+ account, login to your account andfollow below steps to create a Google+ page for your blog.

  • Go to
  • Choose brand as option
  • Next enter page name and website and choose page type
  • Click on Create page

Next check all options on your page and fill all essentialinformation about your blog. By click profile pic on right side uppercorner, you can switch to profile and profile to page.

Customize your Google+ page :

After creating a Google+ page, customize your page by adding coverphoto and profile picture. Design beautiful cover photo and upload.Don’t add unnecessary images like flowers or other celebrity images.Design cover photo properly. Check other popular blog’s Google+ page. To make people recognize you, add your own pic on your page.
Add tag line for your page. Your page URL will be big at beginning.If you participate thoroughly on your Google+, like adding friends andshare content, then you will get short URL of your page soon. You canalso use URL shorten websites to shorten your page URL.

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