99 Reasons Why I Love You

By | 11.02.2016

In my Previous post I have wrote 100 Reasons to say: Why should say “I Love You” You can Check it here. And now I gonna explain another 99 reasons to love someone and say it.
99 reasons?!?!?!?!? You need a 99+ reasons or things that you could say of why you love your boyfriend or girlfriend. WHEN Choosing to DATE OR HAVE SEX with someone just be careful and think 7 times that you really wanted to do it. 

01.You make me feel beautiful
002.You make me smile like no one else ever could.
003.You make me feel safe, like nothing can touch me
004.You understand me
005.When I look into your eyes I see a future
006.I could stay in your arms forever
007.You always know what to say
008.You make me happier than I ever though possible
009.The fact that you’d do anything for me
010.You still give me butterflies

011.You can always cheer me up
012.You make me laugh
013.You love me no matter what
014.There is never an awkward silence between us
015.Everything is okay when your around
016.You always know when something’s wrong, even when I say I’m fine
017.When you’re around, it’s just you and me. nothing else matters
018.You and me, we could make the world jealous
019.We are perfect for each other.
020.You never give up on me
021.You stand by me, even when I’m too much to handle
022.I think about you every minute of everyday
023.Your smile makes everything okay
024.Even at my worst, with you I’m at my best
025.I treasure every single moment with you
026.I can’t imagine life without you, and I hope I never have to.
027.You’ve seen me at my absolute worst, and you still love me
028.I’d drop everything just to be with you.
029.You’re not just my boyfriend, you’re my best friend.
030.You’ve given me everything I could possibly want.
031.You complete me
032.I can be myself around you
033.Just the sight of you gives me the biggest smile
034.You comfort me when I cry over stupid little things
035.You tell me that I never have to worry about a thing
036.You give me a reason to wake up in the morning
037.I love waking up to your smile
038.You make me feel like I am the luckiest girl alive
039.You’ve shown me the true meaning of love.
040.You are like my drug, and I cant get enough
041.To me, you are perfect.
042.You’re my inspiration; you make me a better person.
043.You’re not afraid to cry in front of me
044.What we have been through and shared, and still come out stronger
045.The way you kiss me; I never want you to stop
046.You know me better than anyone else.
047.You are the first and only person I have ever loved.
048.The amazing way you know what I’m thinking or feeling
049.When you leave, I count the minutes until I see you again.
050.When I see you pull up outside the house, I can’t wait for you to knock on the door.


051.I’m in love with all the little things you do.
052.You pull the cutest faces
053.The way our fingers entangle together perfectly.
054.The way you always have to flick your hair out of your face
055.When I lay on your chest, I can hear your heartbeat
056.The way you play with my hair
057.The way you stroke my cheek
058.When you brush my hair out of my face before you kiss me
059.You tell me I am beautiful, even when I look a mess.
060.The fact your face is the first thing I see everyday
061.You make me feel so special.
062.Your not afraid to tell people that I’m yours
063.The fact I know we’ll be together forever.
064.I know that as long as your by my side, nothing can go wrong
065.You always say the perfect words.
066.You give me a reason to keep going.
067.I can trust you no matter what.
068.I know that you will never do anything to intentionally hurt me.
069.You’re the reason I smile for no reason.
070.Every moment spent with you is a moment I will never forget.
071.I love the way you laugh.
072.I love our stupid little tickle fights.
073.The way you kiss me to shut me up
074.The fact that all we need is each other.
075.When you roll over and hug me in the middle of the night
076.The way you kiss me when I don’t expect it
077.The way you look at me, and I wonder what you’re thinking.
078.The fact that you stay with me every night
079.I could never hate you.
080.The way time just doesn’t seem to matter.

081.You’re not embarrassed to kiss me in front of others.
082.You always put me before your friends.
083.The way you can make me tremble with the slightest touch.
084.The fact that you’d rather spend a night in with me, than out as a large group
085.Your patience with me.
086.You make me feel comfortable.
087.For accepting my flaws, yet loving me all the same.
088.You are all that matters.
089.You make me feel good about myself
090.You are everything I have ever wanted, and more.
091.The fact that no one else in the world will ever compare to you.
092.You always listen to me and reassure me.
093.The way you can always find time for me.
094.You make me look forward to the future.
095.You take all my fears away.
096.Because I know that you are the only one.
097.The way we fit together so perfectly.
098.I love the way your hands move and caress my body.
099.You silly jokes that always make me laugh.

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