50 Things to do on Valentine's Day & Everyday to alive Your Relationship

V alentine’s Day falls on Sunday, February 14 this year, meaning the whole weekend is ripe with romantic potential. What better way to get ...

Valentine’s Day falls on Sunday, February 14 this year, meaning the whole weekend is ripe with romantic potential. What better way to get close to your sweetheart this year than by cozying up next to them at an unforgettable live event? From great theater productions and concerts to comedy shows and family-friendly outings, we’ve got events for everyone this Valentine’s Day. Check out these great Valentine’s Day event ideas below for couples, friends, and families. 

Valentine’s Day is a favorite romantic occasion for a lot of people. Even though there are critics who complain about it being nothing more than a construction of the retail industry, still February fourteenth is a good time as any to celebrate your love. So whether you wish to impress a new partner or have known your beloved for many years...

Here are fifty different things you can do this Valentine’s Day

  1. Write a romantic letter this Valentine’s Day. In these times of Facebook and twitter, do something completely against the grain like writing out a love letter for your partner in your own hand.
  2. Go out for a picnic in a neighborhood park. If you are lucky to have good weather, this is one of the most romantic ways to spend a Valentine’s Day together.
  3. Plan a workday lunch. If you cannot get away from work on Valentine’s day, then arrange to meet your partner during the lunch-break. Your partner will not only be glad to have such a romantic diversion to liven up workday but also pleased to have beaten the mad rush at restaurants on Valentine’s Day evening.
  4. Dedicate a song to your partner this Valentine’s Day on his/her favorite radio station.
  5. Climb into the bath with your partner and he/she is sure to be thrilled at the romantic intrusion. The best part about this Valentine’s Day idea is that you can either let it end with a relaxing soak and a refreshing shower or take it further to an intimate encounter.
  6. Go shopping. If you don’t mind the crowds, pamper your partner with a nice Valentine’s Day gift.
  7. Alternatively you can celebrate Valentine’s Day at home by giving each other a nice, sensual massage. This makes for an intimate evening without requiring you to spend a bomb.
  8. Buy yourself something sexy to wear and model it for your partner. While women may not need any more prodding to splurge on lacy lingerie, it may not be something that men do very often for their partners. So think black silk pajamas or other exotic fabrics like satin and go ahead, make your girlfriend’s Valentine’s Day super special.
  9. Cook up a storm. This Valentine’s Day pamper your partner’s taste-buds by whipping up a decadent dessert or browning a succulent steak to perfection.
  10. On the other hand if your partner likes being taken out, book a table at a fancy restaurant with live bands and French menus. Only ensure that you make reservations well in advance since getting a table on Valentine’s Day may be well nigh impossible.
  11. Head to a theme park or amusement park this Valentine’s Day. Spend a whole day clutching onto each other through scary rides, sauntering hand in hand while licking on your ice-cream and laughing your heads off before the magic mirrors.
  12. Rent a few DVDS of romantic comedies and plan your own movie night this Valentine’s Day. This is not only a more affordable option, but you also get to beat the mad rush at theaters. Don’t forget to arrange for some popcorn and soda though, to give you a real movie experience.
  13. On the other hand if you are keen to impress your partner this Valentines’ Day, make advance bookings for a romantic film playing at a swanky movie theater in your city. Then sink into the plush seats and wait for the magic to begin.
  14. For couples who are rock music fans, a wonderful way to make Valentine’s Day memories would be to attend a concert together. Look for a Bon Jovi or U2 tour in your town and sing out loud to one another.
  15. On the other hand if classical music is what moves you, get tickets to an operatic performance and enjoy Mozart pouring his heart out in Symphony 40 in G Minor.
  16. Taking a class together can be a great way for art lovers to spend a Valentine’s Day. You could sign up for a sculpting, pottery or drawing class with your date and have a whole lot of fun exploring with various colors and textures and maybe splashing a little paint or mud on each other.
  17. If you both are water-birds, then this Valentine’s Day hire a boat and go for a ride on a river or lake. On the other hand if you are the sailing sort, you could even head out to watch the sun set on the sea.
  18. For a romantic experience on land, try hiking or camping through well-known trails and you might have the time of your life on a hill-top gazing at the stars and occasionally into each other’s eyes.
  19. If you have bad weather on Valentine’s Day, fret not. Bowling and pool are the traditional favorites for a casual night out while miniature golf can also offer scope for great fun and some friendly competition. However before you decide on these activities, make sure that your date is alright with them and not expecting to be taken out to an exclusive venue.
  20. Being both broke and imprisoned in by bad weather might seem to turn your Valentine’s Day into disaster. But before you cancel your date, get out and dust up your favorite board games like Scrabble and Twister. Then make for some steaming hot cocoa and wait for your partner to turn up for an exciting evening indoors.
  21. For those who love to boogie, a dance night can make for a great dating idea on Valentine’s Day. In fact you can be as casual or as exclusive as you like, just be prepared for a little crush on the dance floor.
  22. However if you both like your voices as well as feet expressing your love for music, look for a nice karaoke bar and perform a duet in front of a cheering audience this Valentine’s Day.
  23. If both you and your partner are keen to avoid surging crowds on Valentine’s Day, a great way to spend it together would be at a museum. Browsing through a museum need not be as dreary as it sounds since there are all sorts you can choose from before planning a visit. There are museums dedicated to as diverse subjects as jewelry, musical instruments, ancient books,  aircrafts and even to masks and UFOs.
  24. Then again if you both are art lovers, what better way to spend Valentine’s Day than strolling hand-in-hand through an art gallery? Spend a little more time before paintings depicting love and passion and you will find yourselves getting in the mood.
  25. Go tobogganing with your beloved. This is a perfect romantic idea for a Valentine evening when you are snowed in and yet don’t want to be shut indoors.
  26. If you are lucky to live in a balmy climate, spend Valentine’s Day picking fruit with your partner. Find out about orchards and fruit gardens around your town; it could be a strawberry patch, an apple orchard or grape vineyard. Once you are done in the orchard, you can then seductively feed each other the fruit you picked.
  27. For a sizzling hot Valentine’s Day date on the tightest of budgets, how about arranging for a strip show for your partner with you as the star performer, of course. Rehearse the steps a couple of times before the performance and on the actual night, have your partner sit back and enjoy the show.
  28. For a Valentine’s Day gift this year, present your partner with love coupons that you have made yourself. These could range from offering him/her something exotic like a sensual massage or a couple’s spa visit to something more basic like three bear hugs and one long smooch on the lips.
  29. This Valentine’s Day, do something crazy to tell your girl that you love her – stand outside her window and serenade her with a ballad.
  30. If you think only women should receive flowers on Valentine’s Day, think again. Do something different and send a lovely bouquet of roses to tell your man how special he is to you.
  31. For a truly extravagant Valentine’s Day idea, take off on a mini vacation. If you are familiar with your partner’s itinerary, secretly arrange for a romantic getaway and then surprise him/her with the tickets.
  32. if you are on a budget though, look up your city bulletin for local events. Most of the time, there is a carnival, a fair or fete going on in a town or a city where you can sample a variety of eats at the food stalls, try your luck at the games, jive with the music bands and overall have a rollicking time with your sweetheart.
  33. A great off-beat Valentine’s Day idea would be to make a visit to the city planetarium. Here you can snuggle up to a loved one beneath the stars on a quiet night, but minus the chilly breeze, snow flurries and the runny noses.
  34. If a flower show is going on in your city, what better way to spend Valentine’s Day with a beloved than by making memories in the midst of a hundred blooms?
  35. On the other hand if you both are pet lovers, head for a pet show this Valentine’s Day and gurgle with pleasure at the sight of the furry models.
  36. If you and your partner would like to do something new and interesting on Valentine’s Day, how about booking yourselves for dance classes? Check out the dance studios in your town which may even have a Valentine’s Day discount package for some lucky couples.
  37. Beat bad weather and the crowds this Valentine’s Day by having an indoor picnic. Set a place in front of window with a nice view or before a fireplace if you have one. On a checkered cloth, lay on goodies like cheese, French croissant and some tasty fried chicken. Bring out the best wine you have and raise a toast to your love this Valentine’s Day.
  38. For an immensely romantic Valentine’s Day idea, arrange a private poetry reading session for your partner. Pick out a few romantic poems or sonnets from writers like Shakespeare, John Donne or Elizabeth Barret Browning and read them aloud.
  39. If you and your partner are hard core sports fans, then attending a game could be another great way to bond on Valentine’s Day.
  40. Rent a couple of bikes and spend Valentine’s Day biking through mountain trails.
  41. If you want to keep your Valentine’s Day casual, a great option is to go out with mutual friends or maybe another couple you get along with. Bowling, pool and dancing are popular group date options.
  42. If you and your partner are the literary sort, attend a book-reading event by a well-known author or simply browse through a large bookshop together. Later you can have a hot cup of coffee to make some nice Valentine’s Day memories.
  43. Book yourselves on a river cruise to make this Valentine’s Day extra special.
  44. Make something by your own hands to tell your loved one how special he/she is. Prepare a love scrapbook with photos of you and your partner from all your time spent together.
  45. Take a tour of a vineyard to spend a relaxing but romantic Valentine’s Day.
  46. If you live near the sea, head for the beach. It may be too cold to swim, but you can walk on the sand, sample the beach-side food stalls and wind up Valentine’s Day with a romantic bonfire.
  47. Indulge yourselves this Valentine’s Day by booking a couple’s session at the local spa or nearest health resort.
  48. To make your Valentine’s Day truly meaningful, spend a day together doing volunteer work for a cause you both believe in.
  49. Visit a church or a place of worship to pledge your love for one another this Valentine’s Day.
  51. Finally, do the ultimate romantic thing - buy a ring and propose to the love of your life.
As the lights dim and the curtain rises, you and your date will share in all the elegance and excitement of a night out at the theater. After the show you can take a bow and pat yourself on the back for arranging such a great, unforgettable time.

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