50 Most Creative Blogging Ideas You want to Learn

S tarting to Blog, but don’t know where to begin? Start here! Blogging isn't hard, in fact it's fun writing about things you k...

Starting to Blog, but don’t know where to begin? Start here!


Blogging isn't hard, in fact it's fun writing about things you know and have a passion for, but if there's a down side to blogging it's coming up with ideas to write about.
If you have a blog you know that you need to write a post at least a couple of times a week to keep readers and the search engines interested.

If you're feeling stuck, here is a list of 50 blogging ideas that are sure to spark some inspiration on what to write about for at least the next month or so. Some of these ideas can even be used more than once which means you'll have plenty of blog posts to last you for several months.   

1. Relate your blog topic to a special event, national day of, or holiday.
2. Subscribe to Google news alert related to your keywords and write about the latest news in your niche.
3. Do a book review. You know all those books you read related to your topic?  Write a book review every time you finish the book.
4. Respond to a post on another blog in a niche related to yours, but instead of putting your blog's home page in the URL, place the full url of your blog post that best relates to the post your responding to.
5. Write about your blogging milestones, such as publishing your 100th post, getting your 1000th comment…
6. Blog about a person who has made a positive contribution in your niche.
7. Join in blog memes such as "Wordless Wednesday". There's at least one for every day of the week!
8. Do a product review.  This is an excellent way to work in some affiliate links.
9. Write a short Q & A based on FAQs surrounding your niche or questions that you have personally gotten.
10. Write a detailed or expanded response to a comment on your blog.
11. What do you see happening in your niche in a year? 5 years? Do a little personal prediction.
12. Reflect on some history. What was your niche like 50 years ago, or what past event influenced your niche?
13. Post some of the top tips on any topic of interest to your readers.
14. Do a best of… This makes for a good year ender, make a list of your best posts for the year, likewise you could post the best books you read during the year.
15. Organize a contest for your blog readers, or make a list of contests your readers can join.
16. What I learned from… a current event, a person you met, or an experience you had.
17. Define terms that are commonly used in your niche but a beginner may not understand.
18. Announce a new product. Not a review but simply an announcement of a new product relevant to your niche. This is another good opportunity to drop in some affiliate links.
19. Ask your readers what their biggest problem is with your blog topic or niche. They can post their answers in the comments section. This is a good one for generating comments.
20. Follow up on #19 and summarize the comments, along with your comments in a separate post.
21. You could even write a separate blog post tackling each question from #19.
22. Interview somebody knowledgeable in your niche or is interesting to your readers.
23. Compile a big list of various resources, just like this one. The bigger the better!
24. Put up a brief survey online and blog about the results.
25. Challenge a common belief or widely accepted idea in your niche.
26. What new idea about your blog topic or niche have you come across lately?
27. Embed a funny, moving or insightful video on YouTube. You can even have a "video day" once a week.
28. Make your own YouTube video. Publish it on YouTube then embed on your blog. This way, you can attract traffic from YouTube to your blog.
29. Scour the 'net for freebies that your readers will love. Or create a freebie of your own, such as a checklist or special report.
30. Use a personal story to illustrate an important concept or principle in your niche.
31. Check out relevant articles in article directories such as Ezine Articles… but don't publish them entirely on your blog. Instead, use an article or a group of articles as your take-off point for a blog post, or several.
32. Set aside one day a week to publish a list of the best blog posts on their topic.
33. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Search Flickr for creative common pictures that your readers will like.
34. Look at Digg for hot topics in your niche
35. Examine what's good and bad about something related to your blog topic
36. Respond to relevant questions you find in Ask.com
37. Invite another bloggers to write a guest post for your blog
38. Invite blog subscribers to submit an article or post to be published on the blog
39. Write a motivational or inspirational post for your readers.
40. Update an old post with fresh ideas, new things to learn and current research findings.
41. What do beginners in your niche struggle with? Write a post to guide them through it.
42. Patterned after "best dressed lists" make a list of the best ___ in your niche.
43. Likewise, make your version of the "worst ____ in your niche".
44. Think of new ways your readers can use gadgets and other stuff.
45. Write about a live event that you attended and what you learned from it.
46. Bribe your readers with a freebie in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter or RSS feed.
47. Compare how people in different countries do something related to your niche.
48. Relate the month or season to your blog topic. 
49. Join or host a blog carnival, where several publish posts about the same topic on the same day.
50. Host a virtual "conference" on your blog. This is where you can invite "speakers" to publish their post on a specified date and time. Q&A happens in the comments section.

Happy Blogging!

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