25 Ways to Drive Traffic Quora to Your Blog

Most popular Quora is a biggest knowledge-share and solution area that strangers engage for their questions and answers. Have you ever det...

Most popular Quora is a biggest knowledge-share and solution area that strangers engage for their questions and answers. Have you ever determined to drive targeted traffic from Quora? If you are not yet, you might be missing a great opportunity of gaining quality traffic and sales. In the new year you might be committed you could double or even triple your traffic using this amazing place.

What is Quora Traffic?

A traffic that generated by popular Quora is defined as a Quora Traffic. According to kissmetrics.com  Quora has 1.6 million estimated users who every month visit and engage in Quora for their core solutions through questions and answers. Small business owners, starters, entrepreneurs, new readers, students or enthusiast learners, new bloggers, blog starters, entrepreneurs, infopreneurs, marketers, buyers or customers, marketing experts, technologists, influencers, professionals and so on, many sorts of people engage in the Quora with their core problems and solutions – they all are Quora traffic.

How to Drive Quora Traffic to Your Blog

Quality content always grabs audience attention, whether it is in your blog content or Quora answers. Your content to be generated hybrid and related to your industry. In fact, the ways I point out below are not unique path each one to drive traffic, rather an integrated organic force that could work out together to drive the traffic to your blog. 

1. Create An Optimized Profile

Generate an optimized profile comprising all business information, social media and your website so that it gets a catchy and professional look. Quora displays your profile and topics bio in each answer next to your name. A right profile could help you to reflect your professional value, vision and aim approach over Quora campaign. But never write bullshit that harms your right focus of authority building.

2. Get ready for Quora Inserting the Topics in the profile

What topics do you know about? Let your profile get inserted with the right industry topic or niche, according to your blog. Pack yourself with a profound knowledge around your topics so that you could generate knowledge-share that goes exceptionally factual and fabulous. In the image topics are given as for example.

3. Be active and follow active rich users

Initially, you might not aware about the sharp points of delivering excellent answers. No matter, you could follow the ‘most viewed writers’ of the topics you follow. Follow their write up strategies and techniques for personal research that makes you an appropriate writer for the each issue you’ll have to fight.

4. Ask a question through the top right corner button

At the beginning, you might start getting experience through asking some brilliant questions relevant to your niche. Before asking a question, you should search Quora whether there is another same question already done. To get at least more than 10 replies, you’ll have to be a creative question maker. Then, make a learning observation on the replies appreciating the best answers.

5. Use Quora as a useful research tool

Quora is not only Q&A site, rather it works a lot for the content industry. Use it’s powerful search tool to generate your main keyword-rich topic that relates to the Quora popular questions for your better engaging content in your blog. If you pick out the popular keyword rich topics from Quora and build your content using related keywords as the synonyms from Google keywords planner tools, you could cover a good number of traffic through organic search as well.

6. Reply to Google Indexed Questions

Look for the popular questions using Quora tool. Reply on the issue carefully generating useful and eye catching answer. Better divides into some parts the attractive reply using bullet points, but never make the answer lengthy unnecessarily. Keep up all write up within a magnificent structure so that it easily grabs audience attention to reward you an upvote.

7. Research competitors using Quora

Find out your competitors, whether conduct in the answering around your topics. If they didn’t yet in Quora, well. But, who are approaching at the same topics, research their tactics and techniques, how they are achieving their goal. Hack into their ways and upgrade your strategy so that you could easily overtake the competition.

8. Write catchy and useful answers that get up-vote

While readers got your write up well done, they up-vote on the answer in question. Up-votes are the rewards of your writing credibility. It helps you get more up-votes and views in the answer and overall help you become a ‘most viewed writer’. Your writing quality and achieved status on the Quora rewards used to influence your audience to move forward to your blog resources.

9. Always reply to the questions that are watched maximum

Look at the volume of views in the ‘question overview’ section and give priority to answer on the question watch count so that you could get the significant views on your reply. Views matter to the new viewers to get importance for further read and encourage reading the links as well.

10. Keep your write-up brief with optimized reference and image

In each reply, create, write up neat and clean under a rich format, use bold in each heading and sub-heading. For the multi-point content, generate content with bullet points and use optimized hyperlink text properly. Use the link(s) highly relevant to the text and use image for accordingly as well.

Learn from the best answers and users’ psychology, what they would love to read. Does your reply cover every point of the question users seek? You might enquiry using the question as a search term in Google and checking the replies around the web ether. And revert to the reply for further edit so that it gets more extra edge to get the audience attention more.

11. Up-vote on others’ best answers with comment

Never hesitate to appreciate others’ best answer up-voting and adding a comment as well. This appreciation could help you make a relationship with the user, who could reward you back and help your answer go upward to get enough Quora traffic on the site.

12. Focus your main niche that represents Bonafide Business

Whether your business is running through B2B or B2C marketing, you keep focusing your industry and main product of the business. In this regard, you might deliver some rich questions asking for the existing customers for feedback. Or, you could look for strategic tips from the users for your product promotion asking hybrid question so that some other similar industries look for the same solution. This type of practice could influence to the potential customers to engage in your main product site.

13. Look for your questions that relates to your business

For your answering campaign, look for the related questions using the main keywords of your business. Use the powerful Quora tool. Following this method, I answered the relevant questions and got ‘most viewed writer’ in two categories of product and still finding the major traffic from Quora.

14. Follow Important questions before reply done

You sometimes could find very recent questions that carry enough complex. You could follow this sort of important question taking in the list ‘answer later.  Then, let it go some time to find a best solution to the question so that you can generate a better answer that grabs extraordinary read from the users for maximum views for the long run.

15. Secure maximum views answering faster

You could observe the trend of new questions; most of them get viewed within the short time after releasing in the trend. That is why; you should get ready to reply the fresh questions faster so that you could harvest the views as more as possible. The views are the initial traffic who is potential to drive to your blog.

16. Use others link in the answers as well

Be professional in this regard; never hesitate to stitch the useful links from other blogs in support of your quality reply. It will increase your helping weight and sense of professionalism to the users. Strangers always seek to get the best solution from your answer and look for the generous contribution. It will encourage the users to note you for asking the questions repeatedly. They are the potential customers could visit your site repeatedly as well.

17. Sometimes write without Link as well

Links are great (!) in terms of requirement following the depth of questions. Most of the users, in fact, would like to get one-stop read always. The questions that are unnecessary to dive down the link should decide instantly to avoid linking ether. This sort of answer used to get glorious read and the sagacious readers to look for your resource page in the profile to visit your blog.

18. Serve (write) your customers for reputation management

Company reputation management is either a sort of pretty challenge. You might use Quora to manage the service status of the customers. And ask any question whether they feel to provide any feedback further as the part of your post-service condition. In case of B2B deal, it might bring loyal and true relations with the customers and could glorify your business. After all, following this type of support and post-service culture, potential customers could be motivated to engage with your bonafide deal.

19. Spread Quora expertise on other social media

To double your referral traffic this way is amazing; you might instant share of your precious answers using social media options. I used to find instant re-tweet or like while I share the answers in my Twitter or Facebook. At a time it helps to grow up social authority and traffic from social sites as well.

20. Let Quora used to be posted in the SERP and uncover brand image

Quora has a special quality to reward your answer to be indexed in Google. Due to this state of the precious presence in SERP, your site has enough scope to find more traffic via Quora. That is why; you might strategically insert your relevant blog link in the explanation part of the question while you ask a question to the responders.

21. Take chances from the idea flood to generate an useful content

You might plan a sagacious content marketing practice using Quora stuff. Pick out the most popular questions and important replies using major keywords of your blog. And compile them refining all points of the question, according to an ideal blog post you generate in your blog. The topic you take must be what you do not belong in your blog yet. This roundup could provide you huge Quora traffic while you’ll use the link in the ongoing questions in Quora.

22. Take chances from the targeted audiences in the niche industry

On Quora, you could easily define and determine the niche Industries. That’s why audience in this area is solid and rich. Using adequate Quora practice you could easily drive and engage quality exposure on your blog. Whoever would like to miss this state of the art traffic stream on his blog!

23. Let Quora be worked out like an outlet of your content marketing

There is no single one social media like Quora that pays a magnificent platform, including blogging that deal purpose and re-purposive solid content you generate. You might use the blogging platform to strengthen your content marketing as well. Quora is an exceptional place, whereas people go with their particular problem in head and share to find a solution. And Professionals pay their best expertise and get benefits through the useful support. So, let your content generation go in a right order for gathering quality traffic and sales.

24. Gather competitors insight and use for growing up

Information in the content universe is quite free flowing. Always keep diving into the competitors’ insight. You’ll always stay one step ahead if you are an info-architect to create quality content that easily compete. Quora loves to reward best to the professionals who serves best with rich information. This practice could help you generate more targeted Quora traffic to your blog.

25. Analyze stats to realize the improvements

Look at a glance your stats that include your achieved views, upvotes , shares and so on. Following up these stats you could scale out your Quora campaigns, how to be developed in future day by day for better stats and better usage. These stats could help you take your master plan how to be used Quora best for your traffic potential.


So, build up your brand, mutually helpful authority and a strong Quora circle within your useful information support to generate long term sustainable traffic stream to your blog. Using the above ways and tips in the right order you could achieve your traffic success. If you might find the article useful, your precious ‘share’ will be it’s generous reply. Let your Quora Marketing go forward in new step.

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