10 Interesting WordPress Facts You Must know

By | 27.02.2016
  1. What is WordPress and who released it first?

It is a free open source bloggingsoftware and content management system or CMS based on PHP and MySQL.WordPress was initially built for writing blog has now evolved into oneof the most used website managing systems around the world. The mostimportant features include plugin and a theme system.

10 Interesting WordPress Facts You Must know
It was first released on May 27 in 2003by its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little under licensed GPLv2 with released version was 0.7. Currently the version has reached the numberof 4.2.2 which was released on February 2, 2016.

  1. Why is it available for free?

It is open source software and isdistributed under the license called general Public License. It meansfree to use. Company behind It is Automatic who distributes the opensource software, there are thousands of contributors and volunteers tobuilding the software and making it better, fixing patches, perform bugfixing and suggest new features. This is why the WordPress is free touse, it is build by hundreds of WordPress volunteers.

  1. Many people use it.

The latest numbers there are over 2.850free themes hosted on WordPress.org and it was downloaded 119.008.809times (and counting). And for premium template or themes the marketplace i.e. ElegantThemes. You can easily buy themes from ElegantThemes and use it for your website or blog.

  1. 23% of New U.S. Registered Domains Run on it

Out of every 100 domains registered inthe U.S., 23 of them will be run on it. Considering that an average of120,001 domains is registered worldwide per day, it’s safe to say thatIt is growing by leaps and bounds.

  1. WordPress.com Gets More Unique Visitors than Amazon (Us)

WordPress.com records 127M unique visitor’s pm, while Amazon falls quite a ways behind, clocking in at 95M unique per month.

  1. Number of employs in WordPress.com is Only 229 People

It is hard to believe but true. The site that receives 130% the unique visits of Amazon employs only 229 people. To keep that in perspective, Amazon.com employs 88,400 people to runtheir business, 38,603% more than WordPress.com.

  1. 17 new posts are published on WordPress platform each second

Yes, that is true! Since It is a freeopen source platform and is especially designed for bloggers, so itsusage is quite high all around the world. Nearly 17 new post publishedin each second.

  1. Languages are there

It was originally only available in theEnglish language but over the years there have been many other languages introduced. Since it is now used around the world, the software isavailable in more than 73 languages from Dutch, Japanese, Swedish,Polish, Serbian, Chinese and German to French, Hebrew, Spanish andRomanian or Russian … there are simply too many languages available tomention them all.

It had to be downloaded and installedseparately for each language but with version 4.0 there is a new optionwhere on install you pick the language you want which then will installautomatically the correct version. In WordPress 4.1 you can even selectthe language in the admin area.

  1. Akismet is all-time favorite plugin of it

Akismet is the best WordPress pluginwhich filters junk comments and secures your website from spam. Tilldate, Akismet has been Active Installs over  1+ million.

  1. Source for bloggers and freelancers

It is the preferred source for bloggersand freelancers. In fact, the going rate of a WordPress designer project is around $50 per hour.

How to get your own WordPress website?

The easiest way to get your ownWordPress website is by going to a reliable WordPress hosting providerwho provides auto-installation of it.

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