What is Domain Authority (DA):

D omain Authority definition: DA is a metric scale, which gives rating to a website (from 1 to 100). It is created by Moz . In simple wo...

What is Domain Authority

Domain Authority definition: DA is a metric scale, which gives rating to a website (from 1 to 100). It is created by Moz . In simple words, Domain Authority represents the accurate prediction of a how a website rank in google search engines. Domain authority consist of 40 signals, such as -number of links pointing to the site,  number of root domains which link to different pages on your website, rather than all links pointing to your homepage. On the basis of these 40 signal , Domain Authority rank is calculated.

Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors. Domain authority is based on three factors: Age, Popularity, and Size. SEO gurus Moz can be credited with the metric known as DA or domain authority.

So, If your website domain authority is high, then your ranking in search engines also high. You can also check competitor website DA score also. i hope now you can know what is Domain Authority?? and  domain authority meaning. Now, next thing comes in your mind: how to find Domain Authority tool to check your website rating.

 Domain Authority checker tool :

You can check Domain Authority online for your website, simply visit to  Moz open site explorerThis DA checker provides you information about- Domain Authority, Page Authority, Links pointing to your website, and many more. You can be upto date with use of domain authority chrome extension tool from  MozBar extension

How to increase Domain Authority for your website:

You can improve your website ranking, by improving Domain Authority.  I guess now you can understood what is Domain Authority and how DA is important to a website. So, i’m sharing you tips which can help you in increasing Domain Authority. So lets start:

1.Internal link structure:

Always remember , when you building your website or writing article, then you should inter-link the pages or articles. This is one of most important factor which can affect your DA. You may visited Wikipedia ,you may see how strongly their post are connected to their other posts. So, if you don’t do this then start it.

2.Links to your site:

If you think that getting similar link from a particular site to your website again and again, can improve your DA rating then, you’re totally wrong my friend. Google doesn’t give much value to that page or URL that you are trying to rank up. So, instead of doing this, you can start building links from  different URL or site to your website.For example if you’re on a Forum, then your website getting link from that forum again and again and this will not help you in improving rank. So instead of doing this, you can join different Forum to get links
If you’re planning to comment on different website then remember few things: Always comment or links with trusted website. A government website or an .edu website are usually considered as trusted websites. So, comment  on these type of site to improve your Domain Authority.

3.Remove Unnatural Links:

If your website connected to some bad links. then, this is not good for the health of Domain Authority rating. Now, question arise how to find such bad links? and how to remove them?? then , You can use You can also use Ahrefs. you can read more about here: Online backlinks checker tool

4.Domain Age:

This is one of the easiest thing, you can do. You can’t expect a website which is only 2 months old to get good Domain Authority rating. You have give time to it. If your domain is set to expiry then, i recommend you to extend it, because Google trust more on old domain sites. Other factor of trusting on old domain is that they contain more content or may be quality content.


Your website must on social media like on  Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon,Google plus etc. Your post should be viral on Social media. In the recent year, It is definitely a ranking factor in the Google search engine ranking algorithm. Google recently updated many algorithms to rank websites on social media authority, appearance. If your websites highly popular on social sites, then the site authority will surely go up gradually.

Other factor to increase your Domain authority ranking is to improve your website loading speed. Every one hates, when a website load slow.So, this factor is not only helpful in improving your DA rating, it also helps in increase your website overall performance.


I guess, now you know that how important is Domain Authority to a website and what factors help you in improving Domain Authority rating. I hope this article helps you in understanding DA. you can comment below if you have query. If you like this article interesting then share it.

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