How I Set 90 Day Blogging Goals

E very 90 days I take at least one or two days to do a quarterly review. It’s an opportunity for me to get a higher perspective on what’...

Every 90 days I take at least one or two days to do a quarterly review. It’s an opportunity for me to get a higher perspective on what’s working and what’s not in my online business.

Whether you are a full-time blogger or it’s your side hustle, I want to introduce you to the power of setting 90 day goals. I’ve been working this process for the past two years now and it’s been nothing short of amazing for me. Here’s a few reasons why 90 day goals are so powerful:
  • You gain incredible clarity as to what needs to be accomplished right now
  • You are more motivated to work on your goals since you only have 90 days
  • You get the opportunity to hit the restart button every 90 days

How I Set 90 Day Blogging Goals

Sometimes we make this process more complicated then it needs to be. My process is pretty simple, but super effective. It provides me with the clarity, focus and motivation that I need to get my projects done.

1. Select no more than 5 goals

I know you have a million ideas you want to get done in the next 90 days, but reality tells us that won’t happen. You are better off to select only a handful of goals. Keep in mind that these 90 day goals could be sub-goals of a bigger project. For example, if you want to write and publish a book this year, then a solid 90 day goal might be to create a book proposal.

2. Write your goals in a visible location

We all know that what’s out of sight is out of mind. To overcome this, I place my goals on a whiteboard that hangs right above my desk in my home office. It hovers over me like a boss and draws me back in when I get distracted. Make your goals visible.

3. Start your goal with an action verb

We all know the power of words. Words alone can motivate us to action. There is a big difference between writing down “book proposal” and writing down “CREATE a book proposal for your new book by April 1st.” The latter pushes me toward taking action. I also like to write my action verb in ALL CAPS. It places much more emphasis for me. I use this same practice when writing down “to dos” in my task manager.

4. Start each day with a focus session to crush your goals

Writing down goals is great, but if you don’t have a plan for taking action, nothing happens. When I sit down to work each morning, I first spend 60-90 minutes working on one of my 90 day goals. I do this before I check email or social media. This one habit alone has propelled me to finish more projects than you can imagine.

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