Boosting Your WordPress Blog Site’s SEO And Traffic Tips

By | 24.01.2016
It can take some time before you get a large amount of views onyour blog, but there are ways to increase the chances of internet usersfinding your site. You can’t just rely on referrals and traffic links –your blog needs to be optimized. 


This article looks at some of the easy and basic steps you can take to improve your site’s SEO and visibility.

WordPress is by far the best site to host your blog. Even if you have a blog on your own site, you can still boost your own site with another blog on WordPress. All you need to do is create links to your originalsite and all your work on your WordPress blog will be working for yourmain business website. In this way, you are creating crucial inboundlinks for your website – all on your own.

So the question arises, how do you make your WordPress blog rankhigher? Luckily, there are a number of plug-ins and tools you can use to boost your blog.

  • Use Your Own Domain Name. Domain names actually can have a lot of influence on the way your blog will come up in a search.Purchasing your own domain name and setting it for your WP blog is veryeasy. You want to make sure you know how to choose the right name. Dosome research before you commit.
  • SEO Tools. There is a range of plug-ins to improveyour blog’s onsite search engine optimization. Some plug-ins allow youto track the rank of the keywords you are focusing on, while other sites will improve the way your whole blog is viewed by Google.
  • Video. Videos on Google’s YouTube are a great wayto get rapid results and rank high in searches. By posting your videoson YouTube, and linking your blog as a part of your video description,your chances of ranking higher are greatly increased. Always embed yourown YouTube videos on your own blog, and make sure you have plenty ofcontent with crucial keywords for Google around your website.
  • Social Media.WP makes it very easy for your blogposting to interact with your social media. Add each of these functionsso that you are automatically sharing your posts on your main socialmedia profiles. Adding buttons on each of your blog pages is very simple and will make it very easy for others to share.
  • Commenting On Other Blogs. By commenting on otherblogs and leaving your link, you are showing interest in other people’swork, and showing a way for them to see yours. You will find that therewill be many comments and links on your own site before too long. Becareful you do not start following the practice of many on WordPress,which essentially equates to spam. Spending the time to create qualityrelationships is essential.
  • Keep it Regular. Regular posting and interactivityis essential. A new visitor will view the validity of your site by howregular you post. If you have not posted in a while, users may assumeyou are not there any more. Current content gives validity to your older content. If you don’t have current content, it is easy for users toassume all of your content is no longer valid.
  • Submit to Blog Directories. There is a huge arrayof blog directories, which allows internet users to see a list of blogson a particular topic. Constantly keep listing your blog with all andany directories you can find. The more directories you are listed withwill mean a higher chance of being found.

Above all, be yourself. Keep your topics fresh. Ifyou are interested in something, your posts will reflect that. Writewhen something is of interest, and keep those posts for later. Forcedwriting to keep to a schedule may mean you are not writing good content. Online marketing and SEO is something you build over time. The need for patience and consistency cannot be stressed enough.

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