50 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic

By | 04.01.2016

Using effective tactics that boost your blog traffic is the first step in achieving a variety of goals.

Those objectives could include, selling products and services,building brand awareness, position yourself as a thought leader or toconnect and network. Whatever the goals are, traffic provides thevisibility to engage and sell.

Website visitors is where it all starts.

No traffic…nothing happens.
In the past bloggers only had one big tactic.
Building an email list.
This is still important despite the allure of social media with allits hype and bluster, real and imagined.  Social media since arriving on the scene has offered bloggers two core and very important capabilities that were not part of the web landscape until social media turned up.

  1. Multiple platforms and networks to re-publish and share theircontent on. You can now discover a blogger and their content because itis published to Facebook or their video is on YouTube
  2. Crowd sourced marketing as people share bloggers articles with a couple of clicks on Facebook and Twitter. No longer is the post hidden in the email silo where sharing is restricted to passing an email on.

So if you have just launched a blog or you’re struggling to grow your traffic, what are some of the tactics that the top bloggers use to getattention, bring readers back and become part of your loyal tribe ofreaders?

Tips to boost your blog traffic

Some of these tactics are more effective and direct than others butcollectively implemented can create long lasting and organic growth path for your blog.

  1. Automate the sharing of content on Twitter. (you cannot scale if you don’t do this)
  2. Build a large following on Twitter
  3. Link to your blog on Twitter in your profile
  4. Increase your likes on Facebook
  5. Link to your blog on Facebook
  6. Share your post (including links to it) on Facebook
  7. Build an email subscriber list from day one
  8. Host a webinar (you can capture many emails when you run a webinar)
  9. Make it easy for people to share your content with a Twitter retweet button
  10. Create and publish great content
  11. Ensure you have a LinkedIn sharing button (there are over 230 million users there)
  12. Include a Google+ sharing button even if you don’t use it very much (over half a billion people there!)
  13. Facebook sharing button is a must
  14. Make it easy for people to share your content with a Pinterest sharing button
  15. Provide an incentive for people to subscribe to your blog by offering a free ebook in exchange for their email address and name
  16. Place the email subscriber box in a prominent position (top right or even in the top banner)
  17. Include multiple locations for people to subscribe
  18. Include an RSS feed option
  19. Link to your blog from your YouTube videos and channel 
  20. Make your blog easy to read (this will keep them loyal and bring them back)
  21. Write the best headlines you possibly can
  22. Guest blog on larger blogs in your industry
  23. Comment on other bloggers articles
  24. Reply to comments on your blog posts
  25. Interview the influential bloggers in your niche and category
  26. Obtain testimonials from influencers in your industry who have a strong social media presence
  27.  Ensure your blog can be easily read on mobile devices
  28. Optimise for search engines by using an SEO plugin such as WordPress SEO (Also known as Yoast)
  29. Write sub-titles with keywords in posts to help your SEO
  30. Improve your blogs search engine friendly content by including key words in images
  31. Publish new articles regularly (at least once a week)
  32. Write long form content that will be a resource for readers (they will link and bookmark it for future reference)
  33. Place a Facebook ad that drives traffic to your blog (could be an offer of free premium content)
  34. Advertise on Twitter with “Promoted Accounts”
  35. Provide links to archives on your blog
  36. List your most popular posts (this is a default WordPress feature)
  37. Use an SEO friendly online publishing platform like…”WordPress”
  38. Use a simple design that profiles your content and highlights your focus
  39. Include “prominent” social media sharing buttons placed at the top of your articles (floating buttons are good too)
  40. Have your top social media channels displayed in a prominent position so people can easily follow you
  41. Share other top bloggers content on Twitter and let them know you have shared with an @livingablog mention
  42. Copy and emulate the strategies of top bloggers
  43. Write a great introduction that is compelling and draws readers in
  44. Engage with your readers so that they want to come back and become loyal fans
  45. Write a blog post that highlights the best bloggers in your industry
  46. As you build credibility display your awards, wins and social proof in a prominent position
  47. Link to your blog in your email signature
  48. Join Facebook groups and participate
  49. Create a Google+ hangout for a hot topic in your industry and promote it
  50. Participate in LinkedIn groups

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