Your Website is Banned by Google Search Engine

T here are hundreds of reasons to be Banned by Google. Keep your website safe by following googl e's guide lines. On ce if you got Ban...

There are hundreds of reasons to be Banned by Google. Keep your website safe by following google's guidelines. Once if you got Banned by Google, it will be very difficult to recover. Lets have some talk about How to not to Banned by Google.
I have seen many users asking same doubt that they are not receiving single visitor from Google search engine after having so many posts on their website or blog. 

In case you got lost.

There can be many reason behind this. But One of the main reason could be this One: Is your Website Domain Penalized by Google Search Engine?

There is a simple trick by which you can know whether your website is blocked or banned by Google Search Engine or not. Just Use the Following Search Operator in Google Search Box and Press Enter.
Replace with your website url. This Search Operator is used to see the total number of indexed pages in Google. If you can not see any results or just getting old posted articles as results then this is the indication that your website is penalized by Google Search Engine.

There can be one more reason of getting banned by Google search engine and that can be in case if you have bought a old domain or expired domain which was already blocked or banned by Google Search Engine

If you have got confirmed that your website is banned or penalized by Google then the following tutorial will help you to remove the ban from your domain.

Google. One of the greatest inventions of all time.
The search engine that changed the way we look for information, advertise and communicate with each other. And for the most part Google is a blogger’s best friend, capable of sending tens of thousands of targeted visitors to your website every day.
But there is a dark side. A dark side you might not have thought of and one that may have a dramatic effect on your online success and financial safety.
In this post I am going to talk about what I am calling the Google test. Read it and find out whether your blog passes.

My first blog: loved and hated by Google

I need to start this post with a little bit of a background story – a story about how Google both loved and then hated my first blog. Fresh out of high school and obsessed with fitness, martial arts and lifting weights, I started a blog about my training ideas and within a very short time gained a huge amount of traffic from Google thanks to some excellent rankings from some very popular keywords. 

Soon the money started flowing in from Adsense and within just a couple of months it was paying me a modest but very helpful amount that covered all of my expenses at the time. I was absolutely chuffed; my first ever blog going strong with just a small amount of effort. And then blogging disaster struck. Google banned me.

Getting de-indexed by Google
For no reason and without any warning my fitness blog was banned. I woke up one morning to find that my site had had about five visitors overnight, down from a usual 1500 to 3000. I started to panic. Why had they done this? What had I done wrong? More importantly, how was I going to pay my bills? I went to Google and looked at all of the keywords and phrases that I usually ranked for and found that my site was completely gone. Not just penalized a few ranks but completely removed from their listings. 

In an instant I had gone from earning a full time income to being essentially unemployed. And all because one website had decided (for whatever reason) that I was no longer welcome in their search results. Our love affair was over. 

My blog just failed the Google test in the worst possible way.

If you have still doubts then please ask your doubt either here by commenting below. So we will discuss further. 

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