Where to Register Domain Names & Host Your Web Site?

By | 06.12.2015

Well, the only safe way to register a domain name is to use theservices of a domain name registrar as these are the only peoplepermitted to conduct domain name registration, that is to access andmodify the master database of domain names maintained by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) which contains thedocumentation on all of the domain names registered to date.

Domain Name Registration and Hosting

There are many domain name registrars where you can register domainnames and to be perfectly honest there is very little to choose betweenthe top 10 domain name registrars.
But that’s not the full story, if you’re constructing a web sitearound your chosen domain name you also need a good, reasonably priced,reliable hosting provider. So listed below are my recommendations fornot only purchasing a domain name but hosting your web site.


  • GoDaddy Bulk Registration. Save BIG when you register multiple domains with GoDaddy!

GoDaddy, founded in 1997, is not only the world’s largest domainregistrar, it is perhaps the most well-known registrar in the business,GoDaddy is both loved and hated. On the one hand, people love it forit’s relatively cheap package deals and abundant promotional codes thatcan be used to get deep discounts. On the other hand, some userscriticize the service for its aggressive advertising and up-sellingpractices. Regardless, we like them for their fast customer service andwide variety of domain registration and web hosting bundles.


  • BlueHost Over 20,000 New Customers a Month! A WordPress favourite!

Bluehost has been providing quality web hosting solutions tobusinesses and individuals since 1996, their goal, to provideoutstanding services for the best possible price. BlueHost are known for two primary hosting plans, low cost shared hosting and resellerhosting, plus domain registrations. They concentrate on providing asimple, generous web hosting package with huge space and bandwidthlimits and competitive pricing ideal for the individual, non-profit andsmall businesses. They are a good solid choice for PHP applications that don’t hog resources, such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla lightweightCMS platforms.


  • Domain.com, Fast, reliable hosting you can trust. Free setup and no-long-term commitment.

Founded in 2000 and based in Vancouver, Domain.com claims it’s one of the world’s largest providers of domain names and web hosting services. They offer a range of hosting plans, including some niche services, but its primary focus is affordable shared hosting. Plans are split intoLinux and Windows variants with a handful of VPS hosting plans (Linuxonly). Shared hosting is offered across six plans: three Windows, threeLinux. All have standard features, such as unlimited disk space andbandwidth. Some hosts provide scripts and one-click installers for free, but Domain.com doesn’t really offer more than the basics; you’ll needto pay extra for full access.


  • JustHost Congratulations! You’ve made a smart decision.

JustHost has to be my favourite, it’s where the London’s website is hosted. They are ideal for newbies and those wanting their ownWordPress CMS (just one click install). JustHost, founded in 2008, is abudget web hosting provider that concentrates on shared hosting plansand reseller hosting. The company offers generous discounts on sign-upand a notable Anytime’ money back guarantee, plus they have an unlimited virtually everything at no addition cost and you get a Free domain name (of your choice). Here is 57% off link, you can share and use this to get 57% off at JustHost.


  • 1&1 is definitely a front-runner when it comes to low prices and value for money.

1&1 first established in 1988, is one of the largest hostingorganisations in the world with more than 10.5 million customers andhandling 11 million domain names. The company has 10 separate armslocated in Europe and North America. 1&1 have lots of added valuebonuses that come with registration. Buy a one-year registration andyou’ll get a five-page domain parking package, an email account and free private domain registration to shield your personal info from pryingeyes. They also offer free domain transfers if you’re looking to switchover from another registrar.


  • FastHosts Award winning hosting technology and services.

FastHosts is a well-established web hosting company based inGloucester, UK. The company was established in 1999. They offer acomprehensive range of services, from website hosting to broadband andcloud storage. FastHosts are a great hosting site for small businesseson the simple web host plan. In 2011, FastHosts won the award for theMicrosoft Global Hosting Solutions partner of the year.


  • HostGator Unlimited Web Hosting made easy and affordable.

HostGator, founded 2002, are best known for their well-priced sharedhosting plans. They offer three shared hosting services – Hatchling,Baby and Business plus reseller plans, VPS hosting and dedicatedservers. Some of the aspects of HostGator are great but some are not sogreat. Their support is remarkable but replies could do with being alittle faster. For newbies,HostGator provides some excellent videotutorials. HostGator’s web hosting service is suitable for advanced andveterans as HostGator provides some advanced features not provided byother web hosts.

Yahoo Small Business Hosting

  • Yahoo Small Business. Get everything you need for a great web site. Intuitive web design tools to help you build your site.

I do believe you’ve heard of Yahoo? Founded in 1994 and now based inSunnyvale, CA, Yahoo! is obviously extremely well established as acompany. Their shared web hosting service is aimed squarely at personaland small business users. Larger businesses are not permitted to use the service due to resource concerns. The downside with Yahoo is theirpricing structure, it’s overly complex, and you can’t use anything other than their own site builder, so it doesn’t include FTP, a File Manager, Dreamweaver support, WordPress, PHP, MySQL and so on.


  • 123-Reg-co-uk Thousands of UK customers choose 123-reg’s platform to host their site.

123-Reg, founded in 2000, is a UK based web hosting company focusedon offering cheap domain names and web hosting plans, including emailhosting, cloud hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. 123-Reg web hostingis designed for people and companies who prefer Windows or Linux cloudhosting over VPS or dedicated web hosting plans. Their starter package,aimed at customers who need a very basic and static web site, offers one free domain name with 500 MB of space and unlimited bandwidth. However, this package doesn’t allow for the installation of applications such as WordPress or Drupal or the creation of any databases.


  • HostMonster Superior Support. Powerful Hosting. Trusted by Over One Million Websites.

HostMonster has been providing hosting solutions to thousands ofbusiness and personal web sites since 1996. Their internet hostingpackage helps businesses and individuals get high-powered service at afraction of the cost. With HostMonster you can depend on, highestcustomer service, quality equipment, maximum guaranteed uptime, highlyfunctional tools for administration, secure backups with solid andhonest business practices.



Where to Register Domain Names Conclusion

There are a lot of places you can register domain names for yourbusiness, club or blog. These companies offer essentially identicalservice but the prices vary from $3 to $40 for a one year registrationdepending on the domain suffix. Since it doesn’t really matter whichreputable registrar you use (be careful about the renewal fee with theless reputable, they may sting you), I recommend choosing the companywith the best prices. At the time of writing, that’s currently GoDaddy. Remember, you don’t have to host your domain with the registrar for your domain. Again, at the time of writing, JustHost are offering the best hosting deals.

  • GoDaddy was one of the first companies to offer domain nameregistration at low prices, and they continue with their good deals byoffering specials for registering certain domain extensions with addeddiscounts for registering the name for longer than one year. The lowprice makes it appealing to register your domain name with variousextensions, then simply park the domain, in order to keep other peoplefrom snapping them up.

If you want a domain name and are not sure if it has already beentaken, you can check at a Whois server (keeps track of all theregistered domain names). I use GoDaddy Whois simply because I canresearch and register the domain name in one quick, simple operation(and their very competitive price).
Well, I hope you found something useful and enjoyed this article, Where to Register Domain Names.

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