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Given the opportunity, how would you like to make money? If you had all the money you needed, what would you blog about? You should only b...

Given the opportunity, how would you like to make money? If you had all the money you needed, what would you blog about? You should only blog about something you are passionate about, something you can make a long term commitment too. Will you be happy blogging about your chosen subject in two, three or five years time?
beginners blogging tips

Can You Update Your Blog Regularly?

If you cannot commit to a regular and consistent blogging schedule then blogging is not for you. If you cannot post new material to your blog on a regular basis, then to all intense and purposes the blog is dead. This is why you have to be passionate about your chosen niche. Ideally, you should update your blog at least once a day and never less than once a week.
A busy blog is a useful blog. While it’s important not to publish meaningless posts which may bore your audience, it’s essential that you update your blog frequently. The best way to keep readers coming back is to always have something new (and meaningful) for them to see.

Who are Your Readers?

How many newspapers exist with zero readers? Publishing is a two-way street. Media publishing requires readers. There’s no point publishing if you don’t have readers. Conversely, readers will not come to your blog unless you have something interesting to read. Publishing, be it newspapers or blogging, is about forming relationships. There has to be a relationship between you and your blog, your blog and your chosen niche and the niche with your reader.

Get Your Own Domain Name

You could start blogging using free services such as,, HubPages and Ezine etc. but in the long term you really need to get your own domain name and hosting package.
Having your own domain makes you look more professional and gives you full control over the services you can provide. Ad networks will also take you more seriously. Some ad networks will not even accept you if you do not have your own domain name and some advertisers will require to view your website prior to accepting you.
If you do it right, having your own domain and web hosting will only cost you a few Pounds/Dollars per month. At the time of writing, JustHost were running a special hosting offer of just 2 USD per month which included a free domain name (DreamHost) is where this site is hosted). See my article, Where to register domain names, for my recommended hosting providers. Ultimately, web hosting will not cost you a penny because the income generated by your blog will more than offset the costs.

  • It’s always better to get your domain name at the start. You definitely do not want to build a blog, get lots of backlinks and great page rankings only to have to move it to its own domain name and have to start over.

Monetize Your Blog

Every heard the saying, “never put all your eggs in one basket”? When it comes to monetizing your blog, don’t stick to just one source. There are many methods for monetizing your pages, Google AdSense, banners, Infolinks, etc. Many blogs do rely on Google AdSense but I would not recommend this approach.
  • Some blogs have so much advertising it’s difficult to follow the actual content. Don’t do this or your readers will never return.

Blogging Only for Money!

If the only reason your blogging is to get rich, you will probably fail. Sorry. Despite what you read in the newspapers, magazines and hype online it takes a lot of effort to make money blogging. Most monetized blogs make less than 100 USD per month. If the only reason your blogging is to get rich, you will probably fail.
  • If you want to know how to make money online then I want to introduce you to mastermind’s blog site. Fahim (Author) has been voted the Number One Internet Marketing Service Online for the past three years

Be Inviting

Have you noticed how social networking has “taken off”? One of the most unique aspects of blogging is its social impact. It’s essential your blog welcomes readers and invites them to join a two-way conversation. Show your readers that you value them. A blog’s success depends on your readers.

Keep Learning

If you think running a blog is a “static” experience, think again. Everyday there are new things to learn. Everyday there are new tools available to bloggers to improve your readers enjoyment. As you develop your blog, take the time to research the new tools and features. You never know when a new tool will roll out that can make your life easier or enhance your readers’ experiences.

Be Yourself

Important: your blog should be an extension of you, your company and your brand. Infuse your personality into your blog and adopt a consistent tone for your posts. Talk to your readers like the friends they are.
People don’t read blogs to get the news, they have newspaper and TV for that. People read blogs to get opinions and advice, so don’t write like a reporter. Blog like you’re having a conversation with a friend and, as with a friend, be considerate of the other person opinion. Everyone has their own views on life.

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