Quick Tutorial on Business Website Optimization For Free Search Engine Traffic

B usiness website SEO (search engine optimization) is very important if you want free traffic  from the search engines, mainly Google, Yahoo...

Business website SEO (search engine optimization) is very important if you want free traffic from the search engines, mainly Google, Yahoo and Bing as a form of advertising with a zero budget. 

So if you have a blog or a website, then you need to do on-site SEO on each of your web pages so they can hopefully get found in the search engines which brings in a steady stream of targeted visitors.

Unfortunately, business website optimization can be very complicated and complex as there are whole books and manuals written on this one subject alone.

However, I’ll give you a quick tutorial on how to carry out the basic SEO on your website pages, to hopefully be found by the three main search engines as mentioned above.

Note: You should only be concerned about Google, Yahoo and Bing as they will bring you the most free traffic, with Google bringing you the largest portion by far!

Basic Webpage SEO for Three Keywords

I am presuming you know about keyword research and you have your chosen keywords (two or three) for your website page.

So for example, say your keywords were:

  Rose Gardening, Rose Gardening Gloves, Rose Gardening Pruning

… with rose gardening being your primary keyword that you want to rank for because it has the highest demand (more people searching for this particular keyword than the other two).

You would go into your html code and at the top of the page between <header> and </header> you will have some meta tags code and this is what you would put:

 <title>Rose Gardening Pruning Made Easy With Appropriate Rose Gardening Gloves And Accessories</title>

<meta name=Descriptioncontent=“Learn How To Carry Out Rose Gardening Pruning With Suitable Gardening Gloves For Safety.”>

<meta name=Keywords” content=“rose gardening, rose gardening pruning, rose gardening gloves”>
There’s no need to keep repeating ‘rose gardening’ three times as there are two keyword phrases in ‘rose gardening pruning’ as it stands.

Rose Gardening | Pruning = Two keywords phases

Google is very clever now at identifying these type of keywords phrases (called semantic indexing) and if you kept repeating ‘rose gardening’ over and over, Google will think that are trying to ‘spam’ them and will probably penalize your page for doing so.

Now we go on to the web page content

Rose Gardening (or Rose Gardening Pruning) if your page is all about ‘pruning’ should be placed in the <h1> xxx</h1> tags:
<h1>Rose Gardening Pruning Made Easy</h>
<h2>Learn How To Prune And Which Rose Gardening Gloves Are Recommended</h2>

You must put your primary keyword phrase in your Header 1 tags and if you can, put your secondary and third keywords in your Header 2 tags.

Then put each of your three keyword phrases into your first paragraph which is ‘high’ on the page and then variations of it sprinkled throughout your content but ONLY if it fits and reads easy for your visitors.

As long as you use the words

rose | gardening | prune | pruning | gloves

sprinkled within your sentences as you see fit, then that will be enough ‘bait’ for Google.

And lastly

You will also want to use your keyword as anchor text as a text link and as an <alt> tag in your images.

As mentioned in the ‘creating a website business page‘ about ‘keeping it real’ yes, put in your keyword hooks so the search engines know what your page is about, but mainly write with your visitors in mind.

To Recap

Put your keywords in your:

<title> </title> tag = VERY VERY important!

<Description> = Very important;

<Keywords> = Not very important but may as well do it;

<h1></h1> = Very important;

<h2></h2> = Worth doing;

First Paragraph = Very important;

Variations sprinkled throughout page text = Important;

Anchor link text = Worth doing, and

Image <alt> tag = Worth doing.

So this is the basic business website SEO that you must do on each of your website pages if you want them to get anywhere near the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing for free search engine traffic.

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