Quick Easy Ways to Use Social Media

By | 11.12.2015

Everyone wants Social Media to be quick and easy. 
The problem is, people tend to lose track of time, and before you know it, valuable time has been gobbled up!
Quick Easy Ways to Use Social Media
Let’s put an END to that!
Here are several of my favorite quick and easy ways to use social media that work:

  • Upload a photo. This one takes a few seconds.  The key here is to make it interesting andrelevant.  Photos draw the eye to your status AND help pull people intoyour story.  You see, stories are what make people continue to followyou.  Tell yours.  (Tip: Don’t forget to give photo credit if it’s notyour own)

  • Reply, comment, and Retweet on Twitter.  I’m talking about paying attention to the people already following you. Give them some ATTENTION.  Do you want people to tweet YOUR content? Then apply the golden rule.  It takes very little time and the benefitsare many.

  • Comment, like, and share on Facebook.  Great conversations start with one comment.  Be free with yours.  (Tip: don’t stay there all day conversing, quick and to the point work.)  Again, be willing to share.  Others will gladly return the favor.

  • Update your status. I’m talkin’ be consistent.  Update daily and remember, it doesn’t have tobe with a clever comment.  You are free to put a blog post, relevantarticle, photo, or promotion.  But, here’s the deal.  Don’t post any ofthose things without SAYING SOMETHING about WHY you are posting it. Asking a question about it will usually elicit a response.

  • Make connections! If you don’t read anything else in this post, this is the one to take tothe bank.  Reach out.  To your followers, others in your niche, peopleyou want to know.  Acknowledge them and tell them WHY you want toconnect.  That’s usually enough to the conversation going.  (Extrapoints: Say hello to five new people every day.  Make it a point toincrease your connection pool.)

  • Utilize the groups.  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ shine in this area.  Simply add value toconversations already taking place.  Don’t promote, just be willing toadd your two cents that increases the value of the stream.  You willsoon have people following you (and buying your products and/orservices) because of your expertise!

I know what you’re thinking.  That’s quite a list.
However, once you make social media a focused habit (3 times a day for 15 minutes), you will find it’s notsuch a time guzzler but has become your best friend.
I’ve simplified it here for a reason.
There’s waaaay too much overwhelm in the social media space when it comes to using it for your business. Stop it, I say.  Make a daily plan and follow it consistently.  That’sthe bottom line.
If you need help with that plan, you know who to call.

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