LinkedIn Rolls Out Elevate Content-Sharing Platform

By | 15.12.2015

LinkedIn today is rolling out Elevate, a content curation and socialsharing platform, designed to help enterprises turn their employees into brand advocates.

LinkedIn Elevate on a mobile app.

LinkedIn first announced Elevate in April, and its early customers have included Visa, Unilever and CEB.
“LinkedIn members have always been able to share content about theircompanies, but it hasn’t always been easy for them to do so. Andsometimes they’re not sure about the company’s ground rules or whattypes of content to share,” said Penry Price, VP-marketing solutions atLinkedIn.

“Elevate enables employee advocacy at scale,” he added. “Nowemployers have an entire employee base to be activated so they can share content across their social and professional networks.”
The subscription-based service is aimed at companies with 2,000 ormore employees, and is available on desktop or via mobile app. Itprovides a platform that lets companies curate content from internal and external sources on the web, categorize content, set up guidelinesabout social sharing, give employees access to content, and measure theimpact of content sharing on various metrics, from profile views tocompany page views.

Visa has been beta-testing Elevate since February — initially with a handful of employees, and now with about 500 using the service.
“One thing we’ve been doing at Visa is changing the culture to become one of more permissiveness around social media in general,” said LucasMast, VP-corporate social media at Visa, noting that Visa has revisedits social media policy, put in place social media guidelines and addedmore approved social-sharing platforms for its employees.

“This is yet another opportunity for us to take our best evangelists– our employees — and empower them with content that is safe andapproved and fits across a wide range of topics, that they would want to organically share with their social-media audiences,” Mr. Mast said.

At Visa, the corporate social media team, working with otherfunctions in the company, curates content from both inside the companyand across the web on topics such as finance, technology andsmall-business advice. Employees log into Elevate from their internalnetwork or via a mobile app, select content they’re interested in, andshare it across their social networks.

“With any sort of pilot, the key thing for us is embracing andevolving into a culture of sharing and providing the ability for peopleto feel empowered to do so,” Mr. Mast said. “So any time we see thatsort of activity being fostered and growing, it’s extremely importantand valuable to us.”
He said Visa plans to roll out Elevate to between 1,500 and 2,000employees by the end of the year, with a more extensive rollout plannedfor next year.

CEB Global, a business intelligence and technology company, has beenbeta-testing Elevate for about six months, said Rob Chen, CMO at CEB.
“Our objective is to build brand equity and increase the relevance of our brand among our target audiences,” Mr. Chen said. “We have a lot of challenges from an awareness standpoint, because we don’t have thebudgets of bigger b-to-b companies.”

CEB provides best-practices insights and technology to seniorbusiness leaders in functions such as finance, HR, marketing and legalcompliance. It conducts research, holds events and provides contentacross a wide range of platforms, including white papers, blogs,research papers and case studies on its website.
“A lot of our employees touch customers we serve every day withcontent,” Mr. Chen said. “Elevate gives us a way to supercharge that bycreating a platform not only for our sales teams but for otherfunctions, whether on the product side or advisors, to share relevantcontent with their networks.”

About 400 CEB employees are now using Elevate to share content, hesaid. Since implementing the platform, profile views for those usingElevate have increased by an average of 150%, and company page viewshave increased by about 90%, Mr. Chen said. In addition, job views havegone up about 100%. “That is pretty key — we are a very activerecruiter of talent on LinkedIn,” he said.

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