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By | 03.12.2015

Twitter now has 302 million active users (May, 2015) with 500 million tweets being sent daily. 80% of these users use their mobile phone to access Twitter. Is Twitter drawing traffic to your site or social profiles?

Learn to Get More Followers on Twitter to Your Blog

Getting more Twitter followers will spread your presence through Twitterland. Here are 6 tips you can do to achieve this one.

  1. Be interesting. Be someone you would want to follow. Sharethe latest tips on your niche. Share the latest news of your niche. Andmost importantly share others tweets in your niche. Do not only tweetabout your niche but add some quotes and a sprinkle with a little ofpersonal tweets. People want to know the real you before they followyou.
  2. Pin an awesome tweet. Be sure to pin a tweet to yourprofile that is an example of what you tweet, believe in, care about,etc. Make sure it is one with an image and pick one that has retweets or favorites to show a little social proof.
  3. Follow some people back. Don’t follow everyone back but beselective in who you follow and add them to Twitter lists. Lists keepyou on top of your game on Twitter!
  4. Remain Active. Don’t just tweet once a week. Try to tweet daily. Other peeps won’t see your tweets if you are barely there. Twitter moves fast!
  5. Tweet some quotes. People love quotes! Just Google quotes and you’ll find some great sites with them and some include images (another plus!).
  6. Use Hashtags. Many peeps search via the hashtag. Twitterusers will find you and follow if you are in their niche if they see the hashtag in your profile and/or in your tweets. Be careful not to usemore than 3 at one time.

Tweet some of your own links from your blog or website

  1. Don’t be shy! I know I’ve been a little shy tweeting my own stuff but when I tweet some older posts out I do see traffic to them that day.
  2. Add photos to your tweets whenever possible. Stats show that photos in tweets generate 35% more retweets! (Source, Mashable.) Imagine your blog posts or website lead page getting 35% more retweets? That is sure to generate some clicks to your site. You can now useIFTTT recipes to show your Instagram photos right in the Twitter stream, sweet!
  3. Time your own tweets. Be sure to use tools like the Bufferor Hootsuite to time your own tweets so you are not constantly tweetingyour own stuff. Use the infamous 80/20 rule and only tweet your stuff20% of the time. 80% should be used to tweet others relevant tweets orthings of interest to your Twitter followers.

Engage, Engage Engage!

  1. Think of Twitter as a networking event. When you go to anetworking event in person do you shout about your own stuff beforesaying hello? Do you ask other people questions? The same goes forsocial networking online. Not only Twitter but any social media site.That’s why it is called SOCIAL. So be SOCIAL!
  2. Join a Twitter chat. These are a great way to be social with new folks on Twitter. It is a great way to also generate morefollowers. A great place to look for some relevant Twitter chats is Twubs.
  3. Use Follow Friday. #FollowFriday or #FF is a great way togenerate some rapport with other peeps on Fridays. It’s been around alot time and you can also give accolades to those peeps you really like. Feel free to add images to these too!
  4. Don’t spam others. I’ve seen some folks who will send metheir latest posts via a tweet. That can be annoying. It’s not engagingunless they are letting you know you are part of their post. That wouldbe a tweet others would like J

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