How To Write an Unique Blog Posts

By | 14.12.2015

Sure enough you know how to create a blog, but do you know how tomake it interesting? There are millions of blogs out there, and most ofthem have turned into a graveyard for posts mainly because the blogowners lost interest or did not know how to make write interestingcontent. So, to make a blog is one thing, and to keep it going isanother.
Here are some interesting ideas that will teach you how to create blog posts that hook in visitors.
Here we go:

  • Create helpful graphics that you can give away (for example,infographics and flowcharts). Place your logo and business name at thebottom of the graphic. Your graphics must be unique and innovative, andmust appeal to the user, and help him in some way.

  • Enrich your content by including videos, images and audio in yourblogs. Such media must be strategically placed and must be relevant tothe content. Also, it should not slow down the pages. You mustcreatively use the media and ensure the whole blog post makes for veryinteresting reading.

  • Many highly ranked blogs seek out guest bloggers. These blog ownersput out requests that they know will grab eyeballs. So, here’s what youmust do – join free guest blogger networking sites such and check the article requests. You will get clued on to some of the hottest topics.

  • Create many variations of blog posts for the articles you sell. Forexample, how to work with x, why x works, history of x, advantages of x, what you must know about x, top 10 things x can do, what are theingredients inside x, case studies, how x helps, and so on. Createinteresting and exciting topics that inform and entertain visitors.

  • Express an unbiased opinion. Honest opinions will win you customertrust and therefore do not be afraid of airing your views. You will getmany comments based on how well you express your opinion, and some ofthe comments will be negative. Remember not to be rude while replying to negative comments – always be polite.

  • Stir up a hornet’s nest by challenging opinion leaders. Most folksrespect influential bloggers, but if you find a chink in any of theirblogs, you should take them on and challenge them to a debate. That will get your blog noticed.

These were a few helpful ideas that should turn your blog into avirtual dynamo. Also, when you brief your programmer, don’t just briefhim on how to create a blog. Ask him to add the latest plugins that will help you perform SEO easily. Tell him to install a plugin that willhelp you write H1, H2 tags along with title, description, keywords andtags, because such a plugin will make your blog more searchengine-friendly. Good luck.

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