How to Start A Wordpress Blog

Tutorial is made for beginners You're finally ready to start your own blog, but you're a bit scared of messing up. No worries, ...

Tutorial is made for beginners

You're finally ready to start your own blog, but you're a bit scared of messing up. No worries, this is why I'm writing this post - to guide you step-by-step through the process of building your own blog. 

But you're probably thinking, "Create a blog in less than 15 minutes? Is that even possible?!" Yep, absolutely. It's possible with Bluehost's one-click Wordpress install. Wordpress is going to be your blogging platform while Bluehost (my favorite host & affiliate) is going to be your host, which you need to keep your blog up and running.
Let's get started, shall we? Don't worry it's not as difficult as you think! Trust me.

How to start a Wordpress Blog in less than 15 minutes

Step-By-Step Tutorial: Starting Your Own Blog

  1. Sign up for website domain name on Bluehost (click here for a discount + free 1 year domain name). Click "Get Started" button. 
  2. Click Get Started
  3. Select your plan.
  4. Enter the domain name or blog name you want to register for. Take a look at the following example screenshot to see how I register "" as my domain name: Enter the domain name you want Click the "Next" button once you're finished.
  5. Fill up the form with your info and select an account plan. You can start with the 12-month price if you're not comfortable with the 3-year one. Keep in mind, Bluehost requires you to pay full year in advance. Select an account plan You can uncheck the Backup pro and SiteLock domain security for now. You don't really need them especially you're just starting.
  6. Once you get your login details, login to your Bluehost account and click "Hosting" from the top menu > then select the "Wordpress" icon under the "Website" area. Click Hosting then Wordpress
  7. Click "Install" button. Click Install Button
  8. Select your domain name and click "Check Domain" button. Click Check Domain
  9. Tick the "I have read the terms.." option, then click "Install Now". Click I have read the terms and click Install now
  10. Wait until the progress is done, which takes around 2-5 minutes. Then click "View Processes" link from the top menu, and click "View Credentials". View your credentials
  11. VOILA! You're done. Click the admin URL to login to your Wordpress account. Click Admin URL

Next Step...

Once you're finished with building your blog, play around or read Wordpress' official guide here: You will learn how to change your theme, write posts, customize your site, etc.


  • You will have to pay for your hosting, and the cost will depend on the plan you choose. You may start with 1-year contract plan. Please keep in mind, you will be required to pay for a full year upfront.
  • If you want the longer detailed step-by-step guide on how to start your own blog (with tips)

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  1. Starting a blog can seem overwhelming, but in truth, it's one of the simplest ways to join the online community. Follow these tips to ensure your blog is positioned for success.

    1. Define Your Goals
    Before you start a new blog, it's essential that you define your goals for it. Your blog has a greater chance of success if you know from the beginning what you hope to accomplish with it. Are you trying to establish yourself as an expert in your field? Are you trying to promote your business? Are you simply blogging for fun and to share your ideas and opinions? Your short and long term goals for your blog are dependent on the reason why you're starting your blog. Think ahead to what you'd like to gain from your blog in six months, one year and three years. Then design, write and market your blog to meet those goals.


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