How To Make Money Online From Your Blog in 2016

  Y ou will learn How To Make Money Online From Your Blog in 2016 and this you can do for FREE! If you ever wanted to start blogging and ...

You will learn How To Make Money Online From Your Blog in 2016 and this you can do for FREE! If you ever wanted to start blogging and earn passive income from home, then today is the right time to get started.

The internet is an open business ground that anyone absolutely can make money to start paying their bills and live their dream life. But to start earning online, you need to hustle, have a goal and have an achievable plan.
There has been lots of articles on how to make money online which can be found on internet archives today, I have come across well written and detailed articles teaching someone how to make money online in 2016 through blogging.

Do you have your own blog? if not, Here is How to start a Blog to make money

What prompt me to write this article today, is the fact that most make money online articles are outdated today, either the program they’re promoting is closed, or the site has closed down it’s affiliate program.
This article is an updated and working method, which will teach both newbies and old time bloggers, the easier way of making money online through blogging in the year 2015.
I will be listing, the top 5 simply and working methods on how to start earning from your blog. You won’t believe these methods!
Before we get started, if you are looking for other method on how to earn from the internet, and you do not want to own a blog yet, then you might want to check out my 5 method to make money online in 2016.

5 Ways To Make Money Online From Your Blog

1: Traffic

Hello, Traffic? How To Make Money Online From Your Blog in 2015
Yes, I know it’s appropriate to add traffic here, but I want to be truthful here. I have seen blogs owners with less than 100 page views per day, screaming that their advertising company is paying them less for serving their ads.
The truth is, these ads won’t click on themselves, you need visitors, not just buying off bot visitors from fiverr or other online market platforms, but live human visitors.
Before you can start making genuine money online, you need to have a good amount of traffic per day. Either through optimizing your blog for search engine traffic or through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, among several others.
Try to know how you can rally round people to start reading your blog before you put your 100% focus on advertising.

2: Advertising

90% of blog are having ads on their websites/blogs to help them earn online, but the main question is, which of these advertising companies is worth the space on your blog? After tackling the traffic source, the next hurdle is the advertising company that pays good amount of money for the traffic you send their way.
There are lots of Advertising companies around the web today, some has shut down, while others had stand the test of time. Here are some of the top advertising companies which I personally recommend for your blog.
Google Adsense,,  BlogadsBlogHerBeacon AdsFederated MediaSovrn, among others.
Don’t worry about been scammed, because these companies have paid thousands of people online and they’re still paying.

3: AdSense

Adsense! Is the most popular and biggest ads serving platform for bloggers around the world. Not because it’s own
How To Make Money Online From Your Blog in 2015
by google, but due to the fact they are paying higher per clicks and have lots of advertisers, which mean that they will serve a relevant ads to your blog visitors and readers.
When it comes to putting advertisements on your blog to generate income, Google’s AdSense is the best pick!

Though some bloggers pitch about adsense banning accounts, it simply shows that they are removing questionable accounts and trying to make their ad platform a better place for their advertisers and publishes.
Adding the adsense code on your website does not require you to be a web developer or needs technical knowledge. You can do it yourself using simply tutorials which can be found online.
Is your blog in an obscure niche? Don’t worry because there are advertisers that are selling oscure objects which fits particularly into your niche!

4: Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates program is one of the best affiliate program in the online world today. Started by  
 Jeff Bezos  in his backyard, Amazon has grown to become one of the biggest companies online and offline.
There’s only one way in which you can earn money through amazon, and that is: When the people you referred to amazon makes a purchase.
Have you heard of Amazon affiliate program before? You can start by registering Here
You only earn money in Amazon affiliate when someone makes a purchase through your link.
This program works best for bloggers who are into the review category. When you review products and brands, then add a personified link to the product, then your visitors go the site and makes a purchase, you will be given 4% of the money they spend in purchasing. After selling up to 7 products and they have been shipped successfully, your percent will increase to 7%.
Although in Amazon, percentages per sales varies in different categories.

5. Private Sponsorships

How To Make Money Online From Your Blog in 2015
This is one of the best ways to earn money online. Blogs that earn money through sponsorships, either with Blog posts or ads space are certain of the amount they can gather per month.
But to be sincere here, having sponsors is one of the hardest part of blogging. To get these advertisers to start placing private adverts or sponsored posts on your blog, you need to stand out among your competitors blog in your niche and be the leader.
There are several approach to get sponsors for your blog, you can choose to contact them and in short words, explain your blog and traffic sources. Then you can proceed with some sales speech. But go straight to the point.

How can you get these companies to start sponsoring your blog?

There are several ways to see advertisers who are eager for the type of readers you blog has. You can get them through search engine, just search for your targeted keyword, then proceed and contact the administrators of these websites about buying an ads space on your website and don’t forget, ever, to tell them the profit, positive impact your blog readers will bring to their business.

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