How do you make money with YouTube?

By | 16.12.2015

How to Make Money on YouTube? You’ve probably heard stories about regular people make money on YouTube and thought, you should try once. If you’re looking for an additional income stream, consider that you can make money on YouTube. So let’s find out how to make money on YouTube.

YouTube has over abillion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — andevery day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube andgenerate billions of views. Many YouTubers are already earning money there: YouTube boasts amillion creators in its YouTube Partner Program. It’s simple to getstarted. Use Google’s Creator Playbook. Before you understand it you’ll have created your channel and will beable to monetize. You need inspiration? Right here you go.

How to Start a YouTube Channel

It costs nothing to open a YouTube account and upload your videos. To make money from them, just join the YouTube Partner Program and set up Google AdSense. It automatically adds advertisements to your videos, and you earn money every time someone clicks on or, in some cases, even just sees the ad. Choose to have payments deposited directly into your bank account to keep it as automatic and simple as possible.Once you’re logged into your YouTube channel, simply click the “Upload” button and find the video file in your computer. Use the boxes provided to describe it and add relevant tags (“dog catching fish” for example, if that’s what viewers will see). Click the “Advanced settings” tab for additional options, including choosing a category for the video. Finally, be sure to click the “Monetization” tab and check the box that says, “Monetize with Ads.” If you poke around a bit, you’ll also find free background music, editing software, speech bubbles, closed captions and other features and resources, all for free.

Take a look at Google’s video monetization criteria for an idea of what kinds of videos qualify. Generally, they have to be family-friendly and your own content. In other words, keep your clothes on and don’t steal video or otherwise violate copyright law. But do read the fine print; even having the radio playing in the background can disqualify your video, unless you get permission from Katy Perry or The Rolling Stones (or whoever) to include their music in your video.

1. Use YouTube to get visitors to your blog and web site.

When you’ve got a blog or web site which brings in revenue, you needtraffic. Many sites had been hard-hit by Google’s Panda and Penguinupdates. If this occurred to you, you’re hurting. You should use YouTube to not only regain visitors, but additionally increase it. Begin usingthe Creator Playbook. When you’re set up, think about repurposing somecontent into videos, in addition to creating new videos. Just rememberto link to your personal website within the first line of your videodescriptions, so you may funnel your YouTube visitors to the place youneed it to go.

2. Promote your own products on YouTube.

In case you’re creating your own products or wish to, YouTube givesunlimited methods so that you can promote your products and make grosssales. Products you may create include apps, artwork, books and music.Create your products, and add them to a purchasing cart, then useYouTube to promote them. As we mentioned, add a link to your products in the description of your videos, so that viewers can purchase.

3. Promote others’ products as an affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing means promoting products in trade for a commission. Tons ofcompanies offer enticing deals to affiliate marketers who promote theirproducts such as Amazon or Ebay. Moreover, there are lots of affiliatenetworks you can be a part of. These networks include CommissionJunction and ClickBank.

4. Get inventive: Create a Internet TV series.

Love telling tales? YouTube allows you to create your personal Internet TVshows. You’re restricted only by your creativeness… and your finances.You may create a drama series, a comedy series, or your own discussshow. Remember that YouTube limits your show’s size to fifteen minutes.To add longer movies, you’ll have to increase your limit. When you get a lot of views, you may develop a brand new career.

5. Become a YouTube character.

YouTube stars can make a lot of money. BlueXephos for instance, has nearly a billion channel views. At $7 perthousand video views, the revenue quickly mounts up. If you’ve gotamazing ideas, or are enthusiastic about your interests, develop yourYouTube channel. You could be the next YouTube star.

6. Monetize with the YouTube Partner Program.

After you’ve created a number of videos, it’s time to hitch the YouTubePartner Program. All you have to do is allow your channel formonetization, and also you’ll receive your share of the revenue fromadvertising. Simply as the YouTube stars do, you’ll receives acommission for every thousand views on your videos.

7. Tutorials: Share your knowledge and make money on YouTube

Tutorials are enormous on YouTube. If you understand how to do one thing, you’llbe able to teach others, and earn money from your tutorial videos.Make-up videos are common. Michelle Phan for example has over 1 million views.

8. Test your products.

YouTube is an incredible useful resource for market analysis – you may quicklydiscover whether or not your good, modern idea is more likely to beworthwhile. For example, when you’ve got an idea for a product, howeverwant funding, create some videos before you create a Kickstartermarketing campaign. The views and feedback in your videos will let youknow whether or not your thought is viable in its current form. TheYouTube viewers may even help you to make it viable, in order that yourefforts to get funding are profitable.

If You are joining to YouTube Partner program, a few things you should know.

  1. YouTube charges advertisers a rate, called CPM, to display their ads on a video.
  2. CPMs vary greatly, but generally fall between $0.30 and $2.00.
  3. The view count displayed under a YouTube video does not factor into ad revenue. Ad revenue is based on a video’s ‘monetized playbacks’ which are often much fewer than the total view count.
  4. Before the video owner sees any money, YouTube takes 45% of all ad revenue as its service fee for video hosting, ad sales, and infrastructure.

It might seem like a great idea to quit your day job and become a YouTube star. But few people can actually make money on YouTube, If you wanted to be in the list you must need a popular channel and good traffic.

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