Feeling Like You Have No Choice Is No Good

  F eeling like you have no choice in any aspect of your life is a problem. This problem is one of the leading causes of depression. The t...

Feeling like you have no choice in any aspect of your life is a problem. This problem is one of the leading causes of depression. The thought that, this is just how life is for me, or, I have no choice but keep on doing what I’m doing for as long as I can foresee and if I’m lucky maybe one day I can really do what I want to do but who knows when that will be.

These are the thoughts that will keep you in a vicious cycle of depression and despair. Don’t be like this. Yes, it’s really that simple. Just don’t think that way.

The only thing that is holding you back is your negative thinking about how your life is going. I know…I know, the first thing you’re going to say is, “but I have to keep doing this until my children are out of school and on their own,” or, “I don’t have the skills to do anything else, this is what I know how to do so I have to keep doing it.” I’ve heard these words before; hell I’ve said many of those words and many, many more along those lines. The fact is that it just doesn’t have to be this way. Your thoughts are the limiting factor – it’s really that simple.

You may be in a situation that is difficult; whether that’s work or a relationship, or something else entirely, you still have a choice. You can choose to leave for another job, or choose to try to make changes in your relationship or just leave that relationship. The first thoughts you’re going to think are that this is fine to say but can’t really be done. I’m here to tell you that yes, it really can be done. You have the choice no matter how unreasonable it may seem. You have the choice.

Thinking that you have a choice mentally shifts your thought process to one of empowerment. When you feel empowered you feel happier. You feel that there are choices and that life is what you make of it. (This is all really true by the way!)

Take a moment to be by yourself and think about what has you down. Realize that you have choices you can make about the situation you’re in and I would suggest writing them down. Write down everything that comes to you no matter if it seems too far-fetched to become reality. Within this search you may just find the beginnings of choices that can set you on the path that you want to be on. Go with this and explore these thoughts and choices.

Now take the choices you want to make and break those down into action steps. Make each step as small as possible so that it’s easier to achieve. You don’t want to make this process hard at all. You need to be able to make measurable achievements toward your main goal of the changes and choices you want to make in your life.

Start today to make the changes you want in your life. Remember- the only thing holding you back from the life you want are your limiting thoughts and belief system. I would love to hear how you’ve changed for the good. Write your comments below.

Be kind to yourself!

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