DIY Jewelry Holder – Anyone can make

By | 22.12.2015

I’ve been busy decorating my bedroom and I’m loving it! It’s a slow process, but I’ll share my progress as it happens!

I have a lot of jewelry that I used to hang on a cork board with pushpins, but when I was decorating the hubs office, I decided to put thecork board in there, thus leaving my jewelry to sit in an orange bucketuntil I found another place for it.

I knew I wanted to hang my jewelry again (it’s so much easier to see and pick from when it’s displayed right in front of you) but I wasn’t surehow I was going to do it…until I got my issue of Better Homes &Gardens and was totally inspired!

I made my own framed jewelry holder by painting an old, decorative frame with Krylon Bahama Sea spray paint. Then I picked up a sheet of cloverleaf radiator grill from the Home Depot (you can find the link todifferent grill styles HERE). After cutting it out with my tin snips, I used push points (you canfind in the framing section of the craft store) to hold the grill inplace, and here is the result! I love it!

DIY Jewelry Holder - Anyone can make

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