Blogging For Money: Are You Ready For Blogging?

By | 07.12.2015

Blogging For Money

You’re probably aware of how many gazillion blogs there are on the Internet,but did you know that most of them have practically no visitors, make no money and are abandoned by their owners?
In fact, it’s been quoted various times around the Internet that 99%of bloggers get bored, make no money then quit.  I don’t want this tohappen to you if you’re thinking about blogging for money.
I’m successfully running this blog now, but I have many failed blogsand failed static content websites behind me and this does nothing foryour self-esteem and confidence not to mention a big waste of all mytime!
Therefore, I’ve wrote this page to help you decide if you want tocarry out professional blogging as a part-time business working fromhome.  I want you to know exactly what is involved and what this type of Internet business requires from you.

Personality Type:
You have to have a lot of stamina to make continuous blog posts for therest of your Internet Business life. Therefore you absolutely must choose a niche in which you are passionate about but will also make you money. You need to devote a lot of time to your blog business as blogging is very time consuming.

What Exactly Is A Blog?

A blog is a ‘website log’ of information that a personwants to pass onto visitors. A blogs’ author wants to show their‘authority’ in a certain area and does so by sharing their expertisethrough their blog in order to attract loyal readers.

This information is automatically written inchronological order with the most recent entries being at the top of the index ‘web log’.  Each separate entry is then also given it’s ownindividual blog web page to be viewed in it’s entirety.

Information: Information can be sharedvia written articles, images audio and video and is usually viewed in an HTML browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or FireFox).

The blogs’ author usually shares information via ‘entries’ on a daily, if not, weekly basis.

Archives: Blog entries are archived bycalendar months and these earlier entries are easy accessible throughlinks on the blog.  The index/home page of the blog usually holds themost recent ten entries, then the earlier entries are found within thearchives.

Comments:  Blogs frequently make use of a comments box so that it encourages communication and participation by it’s readers.  However, not all blogs leave their comments open toreaders in order to deter ‘spam’ postings.

Attributes Needed To Be A Successful Blogger

Many people think that blogging for money is an easychoice since all they have to do is make frequent entries into theirblog, however this is not the case.

You need to learn and possess a number ofcharacteristics in order to be a successful professional blogger who can earn a living doing so.

Attributes Needed:

#1  What’s Your Message?

This is covered in the next section, but you must knowwhat the focus is of your blog.  What’s your message to your readers? What information are you trying to get across on a daily or weeklybasis?

This is major as if you don’t focus on this and don’t hold enough information to blog about, then what’s the point?

#2  Do You Like To Write?

Blogging is predominantly writing constant blog entries, so if you don’t enjoy writing then you’ll find it monotonous and boring which will lead to you giving up on your blog.

#3  Do You Have Drive, Determination and Discipline?

You must be a self-starter with determination andmotivation to make your blogging online business succeed.  It takes time to get any worthwhile Online business running to a point of success, so you must have patience, drive, determination and be disciplined to keep on blogging until the money comes along.  Be warned, this could take anytime from six months to a year.

#4  How Much Time Do You Have?

Writing a blog is time consuming as you have to keepup-to-date in your niche and post relevant and newsworthy informationpreferably on a daily basis.

On top of your entries, you have to promote your blog,moderate and answer readers’ comments and constantly research your areato keep on top of the news

# 5  How’s Your Consistency?

In order to succeed you MUST have perseverance and be consistent in your blogging or you will simply not succeed.  This is the key!

Other Factors To Take Into Consideration:

  • You must be willing to learn;
  • You must be organised;
  • You must be honest and reliable;
  • You must know or learn simple technology;
  • You must like virtual socialising with your readers;
  • You must take yourself and your blogging seriously;

More Things You Should Know

Many people are happily profiting from their blogs and 5 figure yearly incomes are easily achievable if you work at your blogconstantly getting more and more readers to join your rss feed. Somepeople are even making 6 figure yearly incomes!

However, blogging is not for everyone. Apparently 99% of people whotry to attempt to make a healthy profit from a blog fail. The mainreason is you have to be very diligent when it comes to makingcontinuous blog posts on a weekly basis. If you’re blog posts starttrailing off, so does your readership. You also need to know how totastefully monetize your blog so you don’t upset your readers.

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