5 Benefits of Using Free Blogger Platform

By | 08.12.2015

Five Reasons To Consider Blogger For Your First Blog
One of the first big decisions we make as bloggers is which bloggingplatform to use. Blogger and WordPress are two of the most popular blogformats and today I’ll share some of the benefits of Blogger. WordPressis probably the leader of the pack and I’m not here to trash-talk WP,just to offer an alternative. Blogger can be a nice place to start yourblog with zero investment and move to self hosting when you gain moreblogging experience.


Note From Brian: It’s no secret that I’m a huge WordPress fan and I certainly prefer aself-hosted blog. With that said, I love blogging and I understand thatwithout a free and simple solution, many of today’s bloggers would havenever had a chance. Everyone should have the option to write andpublish; Blogger Blogs offer that opportunity to almost anyone with aninternet connection. There are, of course, many free solutions available today; Blogger still dominates the free blogging market.

Blogger is the most preferred blogging platform by Youngsters andnewbies. Many bloggers started with the Blogger platform and eventuallymigrated to WordPress and their own domain.

1. Free Free Free:

Blogger can be a cost free solution and this is a major reason whymany newbies prefer blogger over a self-hosted WordPress blog. Bloggerhosting is free which is provided by our mighty Google. You can evenselect from many beautiful and attractive themes/templates for free.

2. Reliable Hosting:

The blogger platform is hosted by Google with extremely low downtimes. You’ll rarely find your blog down or slow from server issues.

3. Almost Unhackable:

When a blog gets hacked it’s a huge loss to the owner in terms ofmoney and valuable time. Many WordPress websites are more likely to behacked due to various issues/problem, including failure to follow eachsecurity update. In WordPress, the blog’s admin must take steps tosecure their blogs but in blogger, security is provided for you.
As long as the email linked to your Blogger account and your logincredential are protected, the risk of your Blogger Blog being hacked isextremely low.

4. Owned by Google

One more great advantage of Blogger is they get indexed quickly inGoogle as it’s their own property. That’s always been a goodadvantage of blogger. As Google owns it, it indexes posts published onblogger quickly. I have my own personally experience with this.

5. Super Easy to Use

Using Blogger is really easy and comes with a very user-friendly Interface. From start to finish, anyone can become a blogger.

Let The Debate Begin

There you go; five reasons to consider Blogger for your firstblogging platform. The Blogger -vs- WordPress debate has been going onfor years and I’d love to hear your opinion.

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