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7 important ways to generate traffic
1.Pursuit the perfect headline for your content
An awesome headline can attract more viewers than an ordinary headline. The headline should not be more ambiguous rather than simple and interesting.
2. Start Guest blogging
Although it is not fully a secured option in some cases, but if you run it for a long time the result is astonishing. Expert says, it is the most effective traffic strategy.
3. Buying pay per click (PPC) ads
Pay per click actually works. It gives you instant traffic, but it is not suitable for the long run, because, it charges you a lot.
4. Forum Commenting
When you are reading this article, there are lots of other conversions happening into the net. It does not similar to blog commenting. Joining a forum and engage them in conversion gives you instant traffic.
5. Google+
Google drives can generate lots of traffic and you don’t need even followers. You should join the leading communities in your sector. Once you get popular and own membership from the community you can post links into various articles and articles.
6. Social Media
Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram can help you to earn more traffic for your site. Always engage with this site and keep updated. Remember your site should be user friendly and have easy access, share options and exit button.
7. Email
Send mails to your potential customers. Keep mailing if they response or not. Give your promotional offers. But remember you should not make feel them irritated by sending them email on a daily basis.
Hope this answers help you.
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