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By | 15.11.2015
Are you on Facebook? You should be. Despite the stigma Facebook has as being a social networking sitesfor school kids it is a powerful ally for your marketing arsenal.Facebook is being utilized by online marketers young and old, and foryou to benefit from the same you need be there.If done right, you can boost traffic to your site with the help ofFacebook time and time again. Facebook is the largest social networkingsites on the planet and has even outgrown Google’s traffic numbers.

Below are some ideas to help you boost your traffic with FB:

Facebook Ads

Facebook PPC ads are a cost-effective way to market your business.Bear in mind that the TOS are pretty strict and not every type ofbusiness is allowed to advertise. Work from home and MLM schemes willfind it tough to get approved as there is so much rubbish among them.

Facebook Pages

If you run any business, regardless whether it offline or onlinebased you should have a Facebook Page. You can design them at no cost to you. Once your Page is designed and launched you need to find fans. You can do so by inviting your existing Facebook contacts to take a closerlook.
You can also network on similar niche forums on the site to grow your circle of influence over time. As more people take notice of you, theywill join your fan club.

Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook groups is as easy as doing a keyword search for arelated niche. If you are “peddling” electrical contracting you can join groups with like-minded people to extend your reach. By helping othersfor free you are likely to gain a steady following of people over time,people who will become your avid readers and eventually your clients.

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Install Tracking

When you promote your message on Facebook make sure you use some kind of tracking stats to determine what works and what doesn’t. The easiest way to do this is by signing up for a free account. You can use specialized URLs and track how many clicks you get, wherethe traffic came from and much more. Unless you know what works you will be wasting your time.

Network with Top Marketers in Your Niche

If it is possible to network with top marketers in your niche, do it. You need to understand that you can’t simply send them messages saying“hello,” “great to meet you,” and stuff like that. For you to be noticed by a top maggot you need to offer something; your time, your energy,your support, free work, etc. These guys are busy and they simply won’trespond to every Tom, Dick and Harry who happens to seek theirfriendship.

Design a Killer Profile

Unless your profile stands out among the competition you will onlyever be another number in the crowd. The best way to stand out is tomake your profile page in-your-face. Be outspoken, be hilarious, begrumpy, be different. Whatever it takes to achieve this. Today, it isgetting harder and harder to be a unique entity because of the sheernumber of people who market online.
Having said this, it isn’t impossible. You can put on your creativehat and start thinking about ways to attract people’s attention withoutbeing nasty, aggressive or abusive to them.
Have fun!

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