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DIY Mother’s Day Gift: Make A Bouquet of Flower Cards

How to make a Flower bouquet for this mothers day gift? Its a awesome DIY gift item. In fact you don’t have to spend much. so lets take a look how to make a paper flower bouquet.

If you are wanting to give creative diy mother’s day gifts to your mom then a bouquet of flower card is perfect, unique and awesome idea. No Idea how to make a paper flower bouquet? No need to worry, you will learn in next five minutes.

What says “you’re special to me” quite like a beautiful bouquet offlowers? How about a homemade bouquet! Mother’s Day is knocking our door and DIY Flower Cards are the perfect way to celebrate mom and toshow her just how much she means to you. 

Handwritten cards are always awonderful gesture and writing them on pretty paper flowers make themthat much more meaningful. The tutorial is simple and the sentiment issweet. Plus, these flowers stay fresh and hold their color all year’round.

how to make a paper flower bouquet
Creative DIY mother’s day gifts: A Bouquet of Flower Cards

Follow along and learn how to make your very own bouquet of flower cards for Mother’s Day!

What You Need To Make A Bouquet of Flower Cards

1 presentation board (11″x 14″ – you could also use thick paper)
Your favorite colored paints

How to make a paper flower bouquet

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Step 1
Grab your presentation board (or paper) and use your pencil to draw three large flowers. Nothing in nature is perfect, so don’t fret about too precise. The final bouquet will also have more character if the flowers look unique from each other, so mix it up with several different kinds of blooms!

Once drawn, cut your flowers out with scissors.

how to make a paper flower bouquet

Step 2
Now it’s time paint! Give life to yourflowers with your (or your mom’s!) favorite colors. Again, petals aren’t perfect, so use that to your creative advantage. Once your flowers look how you want them to, sit them aside and let dry.

how to make a paper flower bouquet

Step 3
Once completely dry, flip your flower over so that the blank side is facing you and write a special note to your mom.

creative diy mother's day gifts
Creative DIY mother’s day gifts

And that’s that! I made these with Mother’s Day in mind, but honestly they would be a lovely gift for any occasion, any time of year. Justtweak the colors and the varieties of flowers according to the season or holiday.

Note: Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family,as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers insociety.

If you have any creative diy mother’s day gifts ideas, please let me know by commenting below and if you have tutorial don’t forget to share the link.
Happiest of Mother’s Days everyone!