SEO Techniques to Use in Your Blog Writing

Implementing SEO techniques into your blogging has the potential togenerate a good amount of traffic for your blog when it’s done right,which can help to result in a higher Page Rank. And that is the ultimate goal of every blogger, isn’t it? Well, that and earning money forwriting about what you know and love. By… Read more

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Why Social Networking is Important for Bloggers

Coined in late 1999, the term, “blog,” was used to describe theprocess of content published online by individuals covering a wide range of topics. With the proliferation of the Internet, blogging has evolved into a global phenomenon where people post content and media onsubjects ranging from current events to cat picture memes to love. Withso… Read more

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Blogging Won’t be a Success Without Good Web Hosting

Big bloggers, looking to get you to give them money, will say thatblogging is so easy. They’ll say that you just spend a couple of dollars a month on web hosting and you’re on your way to making a ton of money.Unfortunately, these bloggers are lying to you. Yes, you can get ablog set up… Read more

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are ubiquitous thesedays on TV, in the media, and on the internet. But should businesses bespending their valuable time using social media? There are many opinions about whether social media is effective in marketing your business;some say it is a waste of time and money but some… Read more

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Most businesses on the internet believe that the magic happens on the affiliate site. Sure, your sales conversions will be coming in fromyour e-business site, but I’m here to tell you that there is a lot moreto affiliate marketing than just having that. There’s a very easy way to boost traffic to your pages, which… Read more

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Improve Yourself for Effective Blogging

One of the greatest struggles that I had in blogging is gainingtraffic from a less targeted niche. My blog is a religious blog and Ireally do not know if how many people are interested in discussing suchthings.When my blog is already 3 months old, the traffic still ranges from10 to 15 visitors a day, and… Read more

How to Optimize Images for Your Blog

Bloggers know how critical it is to use sound SEO practices in orderto charm traffic from the big search engines. But did you know that theimages you use on your blog can also be a great source of search enginetraffic? Google Images is just one example of an image-based search engine. In fact, Google will… Read more

Top 5 Easy-To-Use SEO Strategies For Bloggers

One thing every blogger is constantly looking for is free traffic.But more than that, we need “targeted” traffic that responds to whatwe’re offering. If you’re promoting an affiliate offer about webhosting, you could only refer new customers if that’s the kind oftraffic your blog gets. I want to share my top five easy-to-use SEO strategies… Read more

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