Write for Us: Guest Blogging

Are you looking for guest blogging opportunities? Maybe yes! Then you are welcome to "Write for our Blog". I regularly get requests from other bloggers who would like to provide a guest post for this blog.
You would like to become part of a small group of elite guest bloggers on one of the best-loved and most engaged blogs for writers on the Internet.

We (OnlineLivingBlog.com) are happy to publish guest posts on our blog on a semi-regular basis, but we are not in the business of promoting books, websites, or other content.

Write for Us: Guest Blogging
If you are an expert who can provide a unique, interesting perspective on a writing-related topic, we’d love to consider your post for publication.

So do you want to write for us as a contributor? It’s a simple process. Please follow it or your submission may be rejected. 

I would like to invite you to write a guest article for this blog and as long as you follow a few very simple guidelines – I will give you a chance to reach auditory previously unavailable to you.

To successful submission of guest blogging kindly follow those rules mentioned below:

Guest Post Requirements

  • Article must be unique (only for our blog)
  • You can not republish the same article to any other blog.
  • Please send me the article in Word doc (.docx) file format. (Including Title and image links if need)
  • Article must have at-least 600 words. 
  • The best articles are the articles that you can visualize what is happening as you read. Take us on the journey with you, but walk, don’t run.
  • Unless you need do not use more than one image. (If our editorial team thinks that then they may change your image) 
  • Write about a topic which goes to this website content and may interest to a wide variety of readers. 
  • Send a 150×150 headshot and a one- to two-sentence author biography (which may include a link to your social media profile or website) that we may include alongside your post.
  •  After completing your article send it via email to admin@onlinelivingblog.com or You can also send it in onlinelivingblog@gmail.com
  • If your article is good enough to publish, it will be available within 36 hour and we'll reply you with the link! Otherwise you will get an email with the rejection apologizes. 
Just take a look at some of the unique benefits of doing guest blogging
The more honest and vulnerable you can be about your struggles and victories, the more readers will be inspired by and empathetic to your story!

What to do after successfully published your article?

If the blogger posts your article, first thank him/her. Then, treat it as you would one of your own posts, if not better. Tweet it, share it, email it, etc. Post an excerpt on your own blog and link to the whole article. Interact in the comments and engage readers who respond. This is a must.  
If the blogger is local (or a traveler), try meeting up with him for coffee. The best blogging relationships are birthed out of real-life relationship. 

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