How to Get Rich Without Winning The Lottery: A Guide to Becoming a Millionaire

Essential guide to becoming a millionaire without winning the lottery Having financial success is ...

Essential guide to becoming a millionaire without winning the lottery
Having financial success is not something that is done overnight, here are some keys to achieving it.

Dream of many, achievement of few, how many times we have heard someone dream aloud with being a millionaire and yet how many people act according to their goal ... practically none. So if you want to follow that path you must know the route of money, where it moves and in what amounts, financially educating you will be your compass, refresh yourself, develop business skills, resilience and know that the road has costs, In every sense, but also great rewards.

How to Get Rich Without Winning The Lottery: A Guide to Becoming a Millionaire
Dreaming of winning the lottery is for the average people, are you one of them? Probabilistically it is easier to be lightninged, financial success is not something that happens by chance and something that can not be left to chance, so Here are some of the keys.

What to do?

The niches that generate more millionaires annually in the world are fashion, related to the use, maintenance and production of technology, real estate, food and drink, and finance.

What to study?

Engineering is presented as the careers of the future, the sciences dedicated to the development of technology and related to finance. As technology advances, many professionals are becoming obsolete, and new jobs are emerging as a data scientist. Traditional careers are lagging behind.
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Monetize your talent

Dedicate yourself to what makes you happy, make others happy, generate profits for others with what you like to do. Making money is making money for others.

If you help millions, you will get millions

Find the way to automate and massify the benefit you offer, cross borders, the internet allows you.

Spend time with your education

Soak up new technologies and trends. Stay current, if you do not, you will become obsolete. Ask yourself if what you are doing today is increasingly demanding or less, if the answer is less, do not delay, change. Try to dedicate yourself to tasks that can not be made by the machines, as soon as all the automated tasks are automated.

Make team

Surround yourself with talented people who share your vision and are willing to walk with you.

Avoid triumphalism, stay humble

Do not fall into the complacency of what you have achieved in the past, leave your comfort zone as a mantra, state!
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Do not expect to discover the black thread

Do not think that your idea is unique and high, I assure you that many people in the world have thought something very similar before you and many will do later, there are already winning recipes, so take one and innovate, innovate and innovate again. To innovate is to take something that already exists and make it better, cheaper, more beautiful, faster or to the measure. It only takes into account that innovation is not doing things differently just because yes, innovation has to add value.
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Put the statistic in your favor

Have you ever received a telemarketing call? I'm sure that, these people make an average of 100 calls during a working day, of which they manage to make about 10 sales depending on the product they are selling. What we are talking about the ratio is one sale for every ten prospects. Well, you know, I do not think I need to say more.

Without more, for the moment I send you a hug hoping that this information will help you in the achievement of your first million.  

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