Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

Especially if yours is a small business, be sure avoid these five common mistakes that could do seri...

Especially if yours is a small business, be sure avoid these five common mistakes that could do serious damage to business success. These mistakes that in the long run can sink your business and discourage the people who work with you.

Entrepreneurs are always expected to do everything. It is part of the firm, especially when they are starting. However, some productive habits could have made that perhaps are killing your chance to succeed in the long term. The candle is brighter, it ends faster and, although it is important that you be productive with your time, you should also focus on not abusing.

Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business
Here are five habits that many entrepreneurs practice and that in the long run prevent them from succeeding. Find out if you are committing any of these mistakes:

1. You work instead of having fun, always.

I have seen many smart, and talented entrepreneurs quit the fun to concentrate on their business only to lose their competitive advantage and continue standing long term. 
Why? Creativity.

Creativity comes from a place and space for fun. Innovation comes from creativity. When you do not take the time to relax and do different things to work, you begin to lose your ability to be creative. Do not stop doing things that relax you only because of the fear of neglecting your responsibilities. You may be productive in the short term, but you will be tired over time.
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2. Long hours mean great results. 

Working more hours in the office can be awful, especially for startups. Do not stay up late, arrive early or work on weekends unless the results are worth it.

Do not force your employees to be there when it is not necessary. Encourage them to have a life outside the office, starting with yourself. Be alert to efficiency measures and productivity during the day so they can all go home and sleep as needed.

3. You must do multitasking. 

To me, this is synonymous with attention deficit and personality disorder. If you do this, you will not listen to your employees when they speak, and your work will suffer the consequences when you are not focused.

Do one thing at a time, do it right and go on with the rest. Have you ever tried to write an email while someone is speaking to you and you realize that you wrote what the person was telling you? Proof that multitasking does not work.
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4. You do not trust your team. 

Your employees can range from consultants to salespeople. Do not be a microreactor and do not assume that if they are not in the office, it means that they are not working. It's great to have people working from home when you're just starting out. Trust your employees or better not have them.

5. You need to be in everything. 

Being at all meetings, or worse, being the head of all departments, does not make you a good leader. You need to learn to delegate and take your plate as possible.
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