How To Become a Successful Travel Writer

Travel writer: Becoming a successful travel writer requires spending a lot of time on the road, often with little time for preparation. B...

Travel writer: Becoming a successful travel writer requires spending a lot of time on the road, often with little time for preparation. Becoming a travel writer gives you earning potential and legal write-offs for your expenses.
You can become a travel writer, and make money, without the hassle of submitting articles to magazines. You can do travel writing from your own home and deduct legal tax write offs for almost all your expenses. (This will allow you to KEEP $3000 - $6000 of your OWN money each year.)

How To Become a Successful Travel Writer
“What’s the difference between a travel writer and a travel journalist?”.
Actually, while they are similar in many ways, the key difference is that a travel writer generally writes about a place, and does so in a way that allows the reader to visualize the experience, whereas a travel journalist generally tells a story involving people that is unique to that place, and does so in a way that relays the facts.

Becoming a travel writer can be a very tough road. Continual submissions to magazines... and the rejection letters that follow can really get you down.
Have you had the dream of waking up in a different place every month of so and sampling the food, lifestyle, and entertainment...then writing about it so others will want to experience it too?
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If you have a digital camera, solid expressive skills, a nose for interesting area or activities (even if they are in your own home town) and the commitment to sit down everyday at your can start a legit work from home business that focuses on travel information.

You can become a travel writer with your own website and make good money

Trust me on this, if you decide on becoming a travel writer online, you need to have a website, NOT a blog. Why? Because you want to build a business that will continue to expand profitability each year.
Blogs DO NOT make money. That's a fact. And a lot of the travel blogs you see are just poor journal entries that eat up cyberspace. You can do much better. 

See how many of these you can answer "YES" to:
  • Can write write 600-1000 words about places you visit that answer the basic Who, What, When, Where? 
  • Can you stay focused on writing for an audience and not get sidetracked discussing digestive problems or faulty maps? 
  • Can you use a digital camera to include pictures that help tell your story? 
  • Are you willing to spend at least a year to 18 months learning about starting a web business? 
  • Are you willing to sit down each day at your keyboard and do your best to provide your readers with the positive and most interesting aspects of your visits...even if you are in a motel room or on a boat? 
  •  Are you willing to continually improve your writing skills as well as learn how to continually monetize your website for the most profit? 
  • Are you willing to spend 5-6 minutes each day to record your business expenses (everything from buying a new computer to purchasing gas for a trip across town to take pictures) so you can save $3000 - $6000 each year on tax deductions for a home business
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You can become a travel writer by starting your own website and provide specific information about places people want to visit. That's what I did and it has paid off. Like any job or business, there is a learning curve, but if I can get past it... so can you.
If you need help to start a travel blog read this step by step guide and start making money with it. 

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