Top 10 Ways To Dramatically Increase Your Personal Productivity

Everybody wants to be successful, everybody wants to make a million dollar per month. Nobody wants face failure and live below their stand...

Everybody wants to be successful, everybody wants to make a million dollar per month. Nobody wants face failure and live below their standards. To pursue these ambitions, people try hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Here are the 10 ways that can increase your personal productivity, right away.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle

Top 10 Ways To Dramatically Increase Your Personal Productivity
1. Get out of the grey zone

Grey zone means mixing things up, it kills our personal productivity. If you try to mix things up, you lose your focus and momentum and ultimately fail. In an order to achieve your goal, you just got to get clear an stay focused.
Outsource the stuff you hate.

Don’t like copywriting? Outsource it, Don’t like managing your website? Outsource it.
My point is that: outsource all the head banging stuff. I do it and there are lots people in India and Philippines who will love to do your head banging stuff for cheap. I do it and it helps me to focus only on the stuff that has maximum outcome.

2. Build up a result driven plan

This will boost your personal productivity by a significant amount. Creating a result driven plan is a key towards achieving peak performance, you get the idea?
So here is the thing, write down all the things on a piece of paper that you have to do and arrange everything in the order of the results you expect from them. You see where it is going?
Whenever you’re creating a personal growth plan, it is important to focus on outcomes from specific actions.

3. Hire a peak performance coach

Okay this one is the easiest and I personally recommend you to get a peak performance coach. Everybody needs a coach. The one who don’t need are people like Mozart because he is the creature of some other planet. Okay let’s not talk about Mozart, but you get the idea, right?

Okay let me make it clear, even Bruce Lee had a coach, his name was Yip Man. We need somebody to stand behind us and yell RUN!
So, unless you are Mozart who had written several symphonies before the age of 12, you NEED a coach. A Coach will provide you a new perspective and he see you from an achiever’s perspective.

4. Get a Peak Performance program and GO THROUGH IT!

I did a survey recently and found that many people who buy a premium product like Igniter™ Frameworks, Personal Power 2 or any other peak performance and productivity product, don’t complete it. Even the people who buy expensive products like elite marketing training programs don’t complete it.

Now here is the big picture, if you can get a high quality peak performance program and go through it as it says then you will increase your performance. I’m talking about credible and result driven complete coaching programs. I remember I went through some of the Tony’s stuff like Ultimate Business Mastery and it gave me a new perspective and changed the way I used to think in terms of business growth.

I’ve been through many peak performance coaching programs and they are some of the best ways to achieve our desired results. I know this because I have been in this industry and struggled to achieve perfection, which isn’t a good idea, you know, trying to be perfect in everything.

5. Do some number crunching

This is one of the basics of high performance. Calculate the results you got when you took a particular action. Know what type of outcome you want to achieve and which  action steps you should execute to achieve it. Calculate the time required to take those action. Write down the goals that are logically achievable and be specific. Emphasize the action step from its dedicated outcome and return.

6. Develop a persuasive perspective

Your perspective is the key towards your way of perceiving information. Your perspective can demoralize you or motivate you, it can get you the results you want or even snatch the opportunities from you. Your perspective is shaped by the influence you had or still having over yourself and this is why the tip below is important.

7. Stop injecting poison in your brain!

You can determine the amount of poison in your brain by measuring the time you spent watching Fox news. TV and general news is one of the biggest sources that injects negativity in your brain followed by dumb gossips and back biting. There are 1 out of 10 things that are negative, but nine are positive. General news shows this content because that is what they do for money.

If you continue this than you’ll develop a perspective that people are bad. A good perspective and a helping character will make you feel awesome emotionally. This will reduce stress and ultimately leave an impact over your performance and productivity.

8. Watch specific news NOT general news

Watch the news of specific category like start-up news, tech news or try the oat meal’s comics. This will increase your knowledge in your field and boost your productivity as you’ll be clear about your action steps and way of perceiving new information and executing action steps.
But the conclusion is that avoid negativity around you and focus on things that inspires and motivates you.

9. The Secret …but it doesn’t work that way

You may have heard about this book called “The Secret.” Its a good book but what it tries to tell us is not to focus on the things that you don’t want and focus only on the things that you want.
This is complete true but there is a problem, it doesn’t work that way. We humans are naturally programmed towards wasting 2 times more energy and stress to avoid the things we don’t want rather than achieving the things that we want.

You’re only human and it is hard to do things that way! I recently did a conference call in which I emphasized this thing.

I believe it is a skill and you really have to be passionate about what you do in an order to stop focusing on the worst. Start imagining the life you’ll have after you took action over your plans to achieve your goal? How will it change your life, describe and write down the exact emotions and moments that you want to create, do this exercise for about an hour to get clear.
You got to have a reason why you do what you do. You’ll see that you’ll start inclining towards the things that you want a little more and boost your productivity of course.

10. Take the damn action!

Okay, this is the time to make a decision and create a moment to get serious. What is stopping you from taking the damn action? What’s causing that friction?
Here is the thing:
“An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. ” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Many people focus on being perfect, BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT! Perfection is a friction, you become perfect as you move forward and take continuous action.
“Imperfect Action is better than no action.” – Giovanna Garcia
Have any questions? Post it in the comments below.

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