Five Mistakes that Most Entrepreneurs Complain

In a survey of the business school at Harvard, which interviewed 120 entrepreneurs from six differen...

In a survey of the business school at Harvard, which interviewed 120 entrepreneurs from six different countries have come to the conclusion that there are five key things that the founders of companies complain they have done or not done in their work. Here are they:

Five mistakes that most entrepreneurs complain

Delayed start

More than half of the interviewed entrepreneurs already chosen to develop the finished product before I could talk to their clients / customers, is now returning back to say it was a mistake. So do not do anything before it can sell.

Ego in the foreground

Entrepreneurs spend a lot more time in showing off how good is their idea than that to ask potential clients how to make their service / product even better and more valuable. Do not let your ego get in the way of success, advise the business school. The negative response to criticism can only hinder the development potential of the idea.

Offering discounts

Many entrepreneurs complain that offered low cost of the first buyers. Then when they want to set a realistic price for the quality of the product, the harder it goes, just because at the beginning the price was at a discount. That information spread rapidly in the market, and thus your ability to keep the power price is significantly reduced. So instead of such discounts try different tactics such as transport or temporary low prices in advance sale or sale.

Selling family and friends

We know it's hard to sale, however, as it would allow family and friends to be your first customers, may threaten the credibility of your business. Therefore try to avoid this. Your dear ones will buy from you, perhaps out of love, some of obligation, or "from what does." However, you need to reach the right customers, your target market, it would provide real feedback and a business that will exist for a long time.

Lack of strategic customers

When you start to attract customers, adrenaline makes you feel powerful, but it can blind you to recognize those most valuable. To "grab" strategic customers first explore a bit and start select those customers who will receive feedback, beta testing, references and a chance for re-business. Combine it with your entrepreneurial spirit and only good idea can become a successful business.

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