Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Leaders…STOP…The Real “Secret”

Most entrepreneurs spent years working long hours to reach the success. Finding the secrets of success in " What do the world's mos...

Most entrepreneurs spent years working long hours to reach the success. Finding the secrets of success in "What do the world's most successful entrepreneurs all have in common?" The only real secret is that it's action, not knowledge.

Businesses, Solopreneurs, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Micropreneurs… Tired of “The Secret…?”

Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Leaders…STOP…The Real “Secret”
Back to the Basics – Boring? Hold on…
Newer and Greater…More, More, More…Must be involved in Everything and Anything? — What are you Missing?  With this mindset I ask What are you Losing?
Stop, Assess and Move Forward Intentionally…
Success Ingredients
1. Presence
Be fully present with clients, staff, feedback—then decide. If you don’t make room for feedback you miss out on growth and other opportunities. Notice what’s occurring in the moment…in the day to day activities. Pay attention.

2. Focus

Fully listen and focus (you substantially reduce or eliminate mistakes, errors) don’t multi-task. You miss so much. Studies show that only 2% of people can truly multi-task without sacrificing quality. More Mistakes are made when multi-tasking.

I know many are proud of this (multi-tasking)…but amongst other things, more errors are happening and ultimately you’re spending more time at the intended task.   It’s hurting your client, your business, your profession.  I get it!  I’m at fault here too…I’ve done it and still catch myself.  However, when I’m a Serial Uni-tasker I get more quality work done, have better relationships with those around me and ultimately save time…all of these give me more peace of mind.

Become a focused, serial uni-tasker

3. Reflect – Take time to step away. Take time for solitude
Step away from the noise, the distractions. I know, I know…life gets so busy and we’re pulled in many directions.  I know one woman who at moments of ‘craziness’ with kids, business, clients pulling at her…goes into the bathroom, turns on the tub, runs water, sits on the floor, puts on her headset of music she loves, closes her eyes and just breathes…and sometimes they are serious EXHALES.

Step Away.  You’ll experience many ‘aha’ moments, moments of pure creativity and GREAT INSIGHT.

 4. Dream, Imagine! Have fun with this! What brings You Joy? 
Yes…then take one step at a time.  I take my clients through an exercise in which you’re in a box and then…yesthe sides of the box slowly, completely dissolve – no out of the box thinking here – there is no box…you’re standing on an open plane of infinite possibilities. Imagination is so incredibly powerful — Go for it!

5. Understand your Customers’ needs, Your Needs, Set Goals/Deadlines then Implement! 

Ask yourself if I were to give my clients a survey right now, what do I think they’d say about my service and products? 

Take it another step and conduct Surveys. Read National Best Seller “Ask: Discover Exactly What Your Customers Want to Buy…Create a Mass of Raving Fans…and Take Any Business to the Next Level”

6. Continue Learning Whether through books, consulting, workshops, professional groups — Spend a minimum 1/2 hour per day learning and practice ‘deep practice.’

7. Acres of Diamond…In Your Own Backyard Often we’re so busy drumming up new business, want the latest, greatest, newest…that we neglect the diamond of acres in our own backyard. What’s in your backyard? How can you cultivate it?

8. Sincere Gratitude Take a Moment, Close Your Eyes and Be Thankful for all the goodness around you…

9. Celebrate!  However that is for YOU.  Enjoy…Celebrate and bring Joy into Your Life…Celebrate!


What Actions Are You Going To Take Right Now?

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