An Open Letter From a Daughter Who Lost Her Mother To Addiction

To bring happines s in our life we do many things, time to time change ou r living places and styles, we may changes everything but does it ...

To bring happiness in our life we do many things, time to time change our living places and styles, we may changes everything but does it bring happiness to our life? While I was surfing internet yesterday, I found this pathetic letter which really touched my heart. This is why I'm going to share the story with you. Here it is:

The letter starts here: 
Life isn't easy, especially growing up alone. Not having someone to show you right from wrong. Having to wait outside the bathroom door while mommy has a straw in her nose. Realizing at a young age that the only person that's there for you is yourself, while your sitting in a cold vehicle waiting for mommy to come back and realizing she forgot about you. Going to a door of an unknown house, so scared that you're shaking because you don't know what you're going to see when that door finally opens.

Well, lucky for me I'm the head strong survivor of a mother that I lost to addiction. It wasn't until high school that I realized what she was doing was bad. The constant search for pills from house to house wasn't normal for a child to see. The glass pipes and skunk smell wasn't something everyone was around. 

When you're talking to your friends and they say "I wish I had your mom" "Your mom is so cool" because you could do anything and not get into trouble at home. All because she didn't care about what you did. All she cared about was the next high or what she needed to do to get it. 

All I have to say is I survived loosing my mother to addiction. Thankfully, I am not a subject of bad parenting. I have made something out of myself. I have my career, which I have because of the mother I lost to addiction. I wouldn't know the depth of addiction, or the effects on children living in a house with an addict if I myself did not go through it. I swore to myself that I would do whatever I could to help the children growing up in the same horrible environment that I had once lived in myself. 

Granted I look back and wish that I had a 'Normal' family that cared about me, but when I look at how far I have made it on my own. Without any support from my mother, I realize how determined I actually am to attempt to change my community.

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