5 Movies That Can Teach You About Entrepreneurship

In this entrepreneurship era we are bombed with motivational videos and how-to-succeed tutorials every day. Motivational quotes are floodin...

In this entrepreneurship era we are bombed with motivational videos and how-to-succeed tutorials every day. Motivational quotes are flooding our social media feeds and inboxes. It seems like almost everyone who managed to make a business is trying to teach us how to be smart. Not to mention how to change our mindset and how not to take wrong steps.

5 Movies That Can Teach You About Entrepreneurship
I just don't believe every quote or advice suits everyone. After all, we are all different persons coming from various backgrounds. But we all have one thing in common - we tend to remember stories and characters that inspire us the most.

I prefer watching movies over often dry motivational videos and entrepreneurship tutorials. Yes, movies. They too can be motivational and teach us something about entrepreneurship. Plus they are far more enjoyable to watch.

Here's my list of 5 entrepreneurship movies that taught me how to change my mindset, embrace differences and approach different problems.

1.    Forrest Gump                                      
Forrest Gump shows that entrepreneurship is not “reserved” only for smart, wealthy individuals highly determined to succeed. In a way, Forrest was not intelligent at all. I prefer to say his mind was not working as most minds. But his dedication to everything he was doing was enormous. In just one lifetime Forrest was honored many awards, started a fishing fleet and jogged for more than three years. Not to mention he was recognized by the president of the United States several times. Just with pure dedication, nothing else. This movie shows lack of pressure to succeed can have a positive outcome. So stop panicking and just run Forrest, run!
2.     Jerry Maguire                                      
Oh wasn't his life great? He was a respected manager with a nice office and one day, boom, everything was gone. Instead of income, Maguire cared more about personal relationships with his clients. Having only one client while everyone turns their back on you while you are starting from zero in business is hard. Well, Maguire simply didn't care. Hard work, sleepless nights and clear goals paid off. His client became outstanding and he proved to be an excellent manager. It was his emotional side and hard work that proved to be his greatest strengths.

3.     Cocktail                                     
Another cliche movie about success. But again it was a strong one. It is about Brian, a law student ready to conquer the world who turned to bar tendering. He became a talented cocktail maker and his life suddenly made sense when he met a rich girl while working at the beach. Brian was determined to open a bar in memory of his best friend. And he did it using all the knowledge he had gathered during the years he spent with his friend. Brian's passion and wicked spirit for this job finally paid off. He became an entrepreneur.

4.     The Pursuit of Happyness                                        
Life sometimes throws flammable balls at us. Some are just capable to turn those balls into diamonds, and Christopher was one of them. His will to fight for better future came from terrible living circumstances. The burden he was carrying on his shoulders while struggling for his existence was the biggest of all, his child. Even though it seemed there was no escape from his life situation, Christopher tried to achieve his goals.  The inspiration came from his family’s needs and dreams. Great achievements come from the heart.

5.     We bought a Zoo                                            
Losing a close family member is difficult, especially when you have two kids. Benjamin’s wife died and he wanted to help his kids overcome the loss of a parent. So he quit his job and moved to a Zoo together with his kids. His battle with the system and the odds of success combined with family demons helped him to become stronger. He managed to bring up the best in both the system and the family. This movie shows that risking everything sometimes pays off.  And that is the characteristic of a great leader and a great entrepreneur.

In the end, everything is possible if you are willing to put effort into it. Neither can someone lead you all the way nor stand in your way. No rules but yours should be followed.

How about you? Do you prefer movies or motivational videos? Feel free to give recommendations in the comment section.

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